Neil Tyson gets more bad news as investigation into sexual misconduct allegations continues - TheBlaze

Famed astrophysicist Neil Tyson has had his show temporarily pulled from the National Geographic Channel as an investigation continues into numerous allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Tyson's show, 'Star Talk, was halted in order to allow the investigation to continue, according to a statement from Nat Geo to Variety.

"In order to allow the investigation to occur unimpeded we chose to hold new episodes of 'Star Talk' until it is complete," a Nat Geo spokesperson said according to Variety.

"We expect that to happen in the next few weeks at which time we'll make a final decision," they added.

Tyson denied all the allegations, which range from one woman alleging he drugged and raped her, to another woman saying he groped her inappropriately. The celebrity astrophysicist penned a long defense of his actions, denying that he had committed any criminal act, but apologizing for any misunderstanding.

"According to her blog posts," Tyson wrote about one accuser, "the drug and rape allegation comes from an assumption of what happened to her during a night that she cannot remember."

"It is as though a false memory had been implanted, which, because it never actually happened, had to be remembered as an evening she doesn't remember," he added. "Nor does she remember waking up the next morning and going to the office."

"I kept a record of everything she posted, in case her stories morphed over time," he concluded. "So this is sad, which, for me, defies explanation."

Tyson has been a critic of Republicans and especially President Donald Trump. One one late night show, he distorted the Trump campaign slogan, saying, "I think we have a four-year mission now. I think what we need to do, let us together, make America smart again."

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