VIDEO - - Facebook smoke - don't breathe this!

30 Facebook smoke - don't breathe this!

The problem is way bigger than I thought...

Morally bankrupt, Facebook's entire business model is built on intellectual property theft and end-user deception.

Theft of your private and marketable data, constantly tracking your location, they OWN any photos you upload there, will share your private messages with anyone who'll pay for them, and the cherry on top is that everything your stupid friends share from "UniLad" or "Top Viral Videos" is all stolen from the original content creators and allowed by Facebook to be shared all over their site.

It's cheap and it's dirty, Facebook really is for the brain-dead.

At the very least, uninstall the main App from your phone and use the mobile website if you must.

Start the year as you mean to go on. Happy 2019.

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