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i think that trump will win the border wall skirmish.
i feel that he has outmaneuvered the inferior opposition of schumer and pelosi.

ya see, my belief is that as this standoff goes on longer and longer, and furloughed federal workers run out of savings, THEY won’t care if Trump builds FIVE walls!

They’re going to need money to make house payments, pay rent, buy food and clothes, and so on.

They’re going to be pissed at their dumb-o-crat senators and representatives for NOT doing what they could do to get them a pay check. Just give in and approve the wall. Those people know that the democrats don’t give a rip about the 5 billion, or 20 billion dollars. That amount is chump change, in a 4.4 trillion dollar annual federal budget. suddenly their commitment to following pee-loosey and screwmwer over the cliff will evaporate into thin air.

BUT….on the other hand, all the dumb0-dick voters who REALLY want open borders, above all else…..looney liberal whites, and a lot of hispanics will be PISSED, if and when screwmwer and Pee-Loosey DO give in, as i think they eventually will.

I think that those 2 clowns have themselves painted into a corner, with no way out, and that their party will proably be punished at the polls, after all is said and done!!

I think that Trump knows this!

I may be wrong, but i can see a big R win in 2020, POTUS, SENATE, AND HOUSE!!!


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