VIDEO - Blind woman sues Beyoncé's Parkwood Entertainment for website discrimination |

Saturday, January 05, 2019 12:47PM

NEW YORK, New York --

Beyonce's management and entertainment company is facing a class-action lawsuit.

A New York woman named Mary Conner who has "no vision whatsoever," according to the filing, is suing 'Parkwood Entertainment'.

Conner claims

is not fully accessible for her and for millions of others who have visual impairments.

She says it violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In the court document, Conner alleges that she could not browse the site or make online purchases on her own.

Other issues with the site include a lack of accessible drop-down menus, navigation links and the inability to use a keyboard instead of a mouse, according to the complaint.

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The lawsuit wants an injunction from the court so the company can make the website accessible for the blind.

She is also asking for compensatory damages, including the costs of attorney fees.

Connor Vs Parkwood Entertainment LLC