‘Skynet’ system supported by facial recognition technology boosts Chinese public safety - People's Daily Online

The “skynet” system supported by dynamic facial recognition technology now covers China’s 16 provinces, cities and autonomous regions to help boost Chinese public security and protection, Workers’ Daily reported on March 23.

With the system, public security organs can find clues on positions of criminal suspects and missing persons through cameras in city streets.

The system is able to identify 40 facial features, regardless of angles and lighting, at an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent. It can also scan faces and compare them with its database of criminal suspects at large at a speed of 3 billion times a second, indicating that all Chinese people can be compared in the system within only one second.

The system is proof of outstanding performance in technology based assistance in cracking down various cases, such as drug trafficking, theft, robbery and abduction. In the past two years, more than 2,000 criminals at large were caught by public security organs with the aid of the system.

In June 2017, a 6-year-old girl was reported missing in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Only a photo of the girl taken several years ago could be provided to the local police.

The police officers still found the girl quickly thanks to the system, which established information related to the girl based on her facial features and locked in on her trace via a surveillance camera in a market.

In the future, the system will be further improved through optimization algorithm to better help public security organs to enhance their case handling efficiency.