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Twitter is in the business of helping people share information and find out what’s happening around the world. And with people tweeting more and more every day, the data produced by these tweets starts to add up.

Twitter knew this meant they needed more storage and more compute power. To keep processing massive amounts of data 24/7, the social media platform was expecting to transfer over 300 petabytes of data storage to the cloud.

To determine if a migration of this scale would even be possible, Twitter had a rigorous cloud evaluation process. After months of in-depth analysis, Twitter engineers found Google Cloud to be the best fit for Twitter’s needs because it provided flexibility in storage and compute scaling in both dimensions independently while also providing access to a high-speed network.

Once you actually aggregate up the network differences and the savings from having more flexible resources, then the difference [with Google Cloud] was dramatic.

Derek Lyon

Director of Data Infrastructure, Twitter

With help from Google Cloud, Twitter has been able to move into a new hybrid cloud strategy. Watch the video to learn more about how Google Cloud and Twitter are working together to better serve tweeters everywhere, now and in the future.

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