Greencrow As The Crow Flies: What are we NOT being told about the street riots going on in Haiti???

Map Of Haiti in Caribbean - Note the Proximity Of Haiti to Caracas, Venezuela
They're rioting in the streets in Haiti again.  Every couple of years we hear reports about this in the newz.  We're just told the Haitians are rioting in the streets and shown film of the chaos....burning tires...crowds of rampaging black men.  We're given very little context to the riots.  The simpleton sheeple don't even bother to ask themselves why the Haitians would be rioting...they just assume that Haitians like to riot and perhaps it's part of their culture.  That's the subtext of the superficial Main$tream Media Reports..."Haitians just like to riot."

In the Canadian newz reports the focus is on the problems that Canadian NGO workers are having getting to the airport in Port au Prince.  The roadways are being blocked by protesters who demand money before allowing the Canadians through the roadblocks.  Why all this animosity against Canadians?  Canadians who are presumably only in Haiti just to "help out" the Haitians?  No light is shed on this mystery.  There are no in-depth interviews with Haitians to find out the source of their grievances.  Interviews are conducted only with the escaping NGO Canadians or with foreign media geopolitical "experts" [aka spin doctors]. We know that NGO's are notorious for being nests of foreign spies and organizers/bankrollers of pro-western government political support groups.  So they cannot speak on behalf of the protesters.

The closest I was able to get to a rational for the riots was this brief paragraph in a report by the CBC.  You can see for yourself how nebulous and vague the explanation for Haitian unrest is:

Starting earlier this week, Haitian protesters blocked streets and highways to rally against skyrocketing inflation and the government's failure to prosecute the alleged misuse of development funds from an oil assistance program sponsored by Venezuela.

Intentionally vague...but finally a few details.  "Misuse" of funds?  Venezuelan financial assistance being siphoned off out the dirt-poor country?  But by who?  This is a very small island we're talking about...actually 1/2 of an island.  The US vassal Dominican Republic occupies the other half of Hispaniola .  Is the Dominican Republic playing any role in the corruption?  We'll never know.  But wait!  Here's a headline from RT this morning:

‘Long live Putin!’ Haiti opposition protesters burn US flag, demand Russian intervention

Haitians, when asked on the streets what they're protesting about, say that they want "Putin to come and save them" from their sorry state as US vassals.  They're waving Russian flags and burning American flags.  They say that their corrupt "leaders", who are actually US puppets installed by way of a fraudulent election [Wait! did the US actually inflict a fraudulent election on a foreign nation?!!!], are in truth grifters who stole the aid that Venezuela gave to its neighbour, Haiti.
"When you aint got nothin', you got nothin to lose." Bob Dylan
The Haitian protesters have nothing to lose so they exercise the kind of freedom never seen in the non "Shithole" West. "Shithole" is what Trump called Haiti while USrael was busy siphoning off the Venezuelan oil. Dontchaknow.
So, in summary, the Haitians are in a state of total frustration due to the non-stop destruction of their island by the West, who want to use it as a stepping stone to a possible invasion of neighbouring Venezuela.  USrael is "softening up the Haitian public" so that they will be as desperate as their ISIS proxies were in the Middle East...willing and able to tear out human hearts and lop off children's heads.  Perhaps this is what the Haitians see in their future...and are demonstrating against.  This is why they're chasing the Canadian and US subversive NGO moles out of the country.
I predict we'll see more and more of these rebellions around the world. The Hopeless dare to Hope...dare not to clap to the Hegemonic beat...dare to ask Russia to help.  Now that the examples of Syria, Turkey and India [and gawd knows how many other countries] have been set.  These are countries who have already begged Russia to intervene and provide the ways and means to kick out the cancerous hegemons and keep them out.  Russian alliance and weaponry are the only means on the face of planet earth to cut out the parasitic tumour.  The Haitians know it...and probably most sentient beings on the planet know it by now...which would automatically eliminate Canada.  Could Russia have already secretly installed S-400 missile systems in Venezuela, and in other resource-rich but militarily vulnerable nations all over the world?  We'll never find out by reading the Western Main$tream media...but I can assure my Readers...that's very likely the paranoid nightmare terrorizing the perps and keeping them up at night.