VIDEO - NYT’s Blow: If Smollett Fakes His Hate Crime, ‘He’s an Insane Person, He’s a Psychopath’ :: Grabien News

‘Nothing is adding up about why he would do this’

Feb 18, 2019 4:00 PM

By Grabien Staff


BLOW: “Well listen, if Jussie has done what the Chicago police say he’s done, it’s not just that he’s an actor, Brian. This is insane person. This is a psychopath. Like -- and -- and there’s nothing in his history that suggests he’s a psychopath. That’s why it’s so hard for everybody to — that’s why people are waiting trying to figure out, like, please go back and interview him, Chicago PD. But we need to understand what’s the motive? Because nothing — I met him one time. He was the sweetest — it was just in passing at ESSENCE Fest and I was with a girl that went to college with him, she’s a big fan and she had his picture. He was the most gracious person. And I think that that’s the kind of feeling people have. So if you did this, we need to know are you crazy? Like, did you literally lose it? Because nothing is adding up about why he would do this.”

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