SPOILERS: Cheap car challenge currently being filmed in Chongqing, China : thegrandtour

I speak Chinese and after digging through Chinese media reports on the presenters' recent visit to Chongqing, this is what I found:

- THERE WILL BE A CHEAP CAR CHALLENGE (road trip through China): Richard in a Cadillac STS, Jeremy in a BMW 7-series E38, James in a Mercedes S-Class W140. Interestingly, the cars were pictured on German license plates and they received temporary Chinese license plates from Chongqing city authorities, which leads me to believe that they were shipped to China specifically for the filming of this segment (link with pictures)

- Chongqing is regarded by many as the Detroit of China, so the guys will be filming a piece investigating the industrial development of the city's car industry. They'll be testing the Hongqi L5 Limousine, which Jeremy said he was looking forward to testing.

- The guys will be in the Chongqing Central Business District from Jul 22 - 24, and they'll be in Anshun (安顺市) and Liupanshui (六盘水) in Guizhou province in the near future. A source said that they'll be in China filming for an entire month, but I haven't been able to verify this info.

- When asked whey they chose to film in Chongqing and not Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong, Jeremy said: "Initially we wanted to film something about big infrastructure projects in China, but we went to the pub and forgot about that. Actually I'm not sure why we came to Chongqing and not another city. But we're here (in Chongqing), and we think this is a good place to launch DriveTribe." James added that Chongqing was a warm place.

Sources (in Chinese):