The Nuclear Demolition of the WTC

Strontium, Barium, Thorium, Cerium, Lanthanum, Yttrium and other elements discovered
in the dust are characteristic fission products of Uranium. Even some Uranium was present
in significant amounts. The presence of all of these elements together in mathematically
related quantities can only be explained by Nuclear Fission.

The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible that the Twin Towers were subjected

to far more than just a conventional Controlled Demolition. They were each pulverised to
dust by a Nuclear Explosion.

But even more than that, the

vast quantity of fallout produced and other factors show
that the explosions were not produced by ordinary atomic bombs.

The explosions were produced by a clandestine

Nuclear Reactor under each tower
undergoing a "power excursion" and then a core meltdown.

It is not believable that this could have occurred by accident. The reactors would have

been located well below the 27 metre deep B6 basement level that was officially the bottom
of the WTC construction. The reactor cores were probably 80 metres below ground. The
aircraft impacted the towers high above, more than 300 metres above ground level. It is
inconceivable that the aircraft crashes could have affected the reactors buried deep
beneath the ground.

Who built these clandestine reactors? For what purpose? Who co-ordinated their

deliberate core meltdown with the aircraft crashes?
Ground Zero: The Nuclear Demolition of the WTC This 166 page report with 66 figures, graphs and photographs presents the detailed
evidence for the Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Centre. It is written in as
non-technical a way as possible for a wide audience, including explaining the chemistry of
nuclear fission.

While many people have shown that the towers were subjected to a controlled demolition,

this is the first public document to present the evidence and proof that they were in fact
subjected to a Nuclear Controlled Demolition. No data on the fallout from a nuclear
explosion has ever been available to the public before. This document presents the USGS
data along with comprehensive analysis.

While others have suspected that the towers may have been subjected to nuclear

explosions - because of the seismographic data, the hot spots and the vast amount of
energy expended in the explosions, the incontrovertible proof comes from the USGS data.

Radioactive Fallout. Nuclear Fission Products. The evidence from the USGS data makes the

case. Far Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

This report will be of service to the 911 Research Community, the Public, the People of New

York and those who are working to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice.

To those who believe that this information should not be made widely known - I say that

this information must no longer be swept under the carpet. The data is in the Public
Domain. Its implications must be brought to wider attention, so that it can be further
investigated and appropriate measures taken to ensure the health and safety of New York.

In 1986, the US Congressional Sub Committee on Energy Conservation and Power released

a report: "American Nuclear Guinea Pigs: Three Decades of Radiation Experiments on US
Citizens". Surreptitious administration of radioactive substances to New York prison
inmates was still going on in 1994.

The Sierra Club have described in their report "Pollution and Deception at Ground Zero"

how people were told to clean up the dust themselves. No special precautions were
necessary, the EPA continuously assured them. Specialist cleanup contractors were rarely
used. Thousands of people have been needlessly and
callously exposed .

In an interview with MSNBC, Marianne Harinko, Acting EPA Administrator at the time said

before she resigned:

"I pray to God that in the event of another terrorist attack, God Forbid, we as an agency

would be equipped to get the data analysed and posted to the public. God forbid there is a
dirty bomb".

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