Hollywood Star Admits Trump’s Election Made Her ‘Unhinged’ & Drove Her To Seek Therpy – NewsThisSecond

Comedian Chelsea Handler said Friday that she began seeing a therapist after   President Trump‘s 2016 election win, and said she turned to marijuana to deal with the shock.

Handler appeared on Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” where she told Maher that Trump’s election victory made her feel “unhinged” and violently angry.

“I had to pay a psychiatrist to listen to me b**tch about Donald Trump for about the first three weeks,” Handler said. “And then once when we got past that and got to the real stuff, I realized the parallel there was my world becoming unhinged when I was a little girl, my brother died when I was nine years old.”

“I had never related the two, but for me, as I can imagine it must have been for so many people, it was an emotional trigger of everything being destabilized,” she added. “I realized how spoiled and privileged I had been all my life and realize to be this upset and this on-a-ten every day and the outrage and the anger, I just wanted to f—ing fight people, you know? And I was like, ‘I have to go see a psychiatrist.'”

Handler added in the interview that medicinal marijuana and meditation helped her deal with the emotional effects of the shock she felt after Trump’s victory.

“I pivoted, I pivoted towards weed and cannabis. And for me, who’s kind of a very active and high-strung person, I needed…the cannabis was a gateway drug to meditation,” she said.

“With cannabis, I said, ‘yeah, I could maybe meditate now.’ And then, I had my awakening, and I was like ‘wait, f–k Trump. We have so many other beautiful things going on,” Handler continued.

(The Hill)