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I'm being routed to the main terminal I believe to be reprimanded for triggering the camera. Dont know exactly what's in store for me or not. Hopefully if the worst does happen I'll be able to find another driving job quickly.
Just to explain how idotic this system is I'll explain what else triggered it.

Just a few moments ago I dropped a trailer. It had 43k in it mostly toward the nose of said trailer. I drive an automatic kenworth t680 Eaton ultrashift with urge to move. While pulling out from under it urge to move selects second gear but almost kills the truck, i add throttle being careful not to let the trailer slam down. The truck suddenly downshifts and LUNGES forward but I'm quick on the brake to keep from letting the landing legs hit hard (i stop it while the trailer is still on 5th wheel, drop suspension and let her down easy). This trips extended recording on the camera. So now I'll be recorded for 5 days at a time. With almost live feed being sent to my safety department.

It also triggered earlier while climbing a 45* hill because I put it to the floor from a stop. (While pulling that heavy ### trailer) because I've killed this truck twice going up that hill and trying to slowly push down the go pedal.