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 TL has noted as of late that the Brothers Durden at ZeroHedge have been hinting the past few weeks about "things" in covering World War II bombs underwater in Germany being disarmed, about Russian nuclear torpedoes off American cities and as of late, reporting on the Islamocommunists of Iran, now in public, stating that someone might just start an event to bring America to war with Iran.

Iran without naming names is indicating that Mecca, Tel Aviv may initiate some action in the Middle East, which will draw the United States into a war with Iran.The quotes are quite specific.

Iran Warns False Flag "Accident" Could "Lure" Trump Into War

Iran's foreign minister on Wednesday warned the United States of unspecified "consequences" if it tried to seal off to Tehran the Strait of Hormuz, the strategic passage into the oil-rich Gulf. — Channel News Asia

Sharif's words were essentially a provocative declaration that the US military must ask Tehran's "permission" to enter the strait. However, he elsewhere explained that he doesn't believe that President Trump wants war with Iran, but that he could be "lured into one" by his more hawkish advisers. 
The Iranian foreign minister also interestingly suggested the possibility that American operatives or their allies could try “to plot an accident” to create a broader crisis, in perhaps a continued cryptic reference to tensions in the Persian Gulf over the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran though has not helped it's case, which it never does, as in the above it goads the United States to ask permission to pass through Hormuz. One must understand the Persian mindset, in Iran would actually welcome a US attack, because as Dick Cheney noted, Iran only has so many hard targets before you are just bombing sand. In other words, the US would lose by bombing Iran, as once blood was let, the Americans will have lost all leverage, and once again the Europeans, Chinese and Russians would be rebuilding things and trade would begin.
That was what was behind Iran goading the Americans last year, in exclusively reported here, in taking credit for 9 11. Iran wants the US to attack, as it will open trade in Eurasia for Iran and allow Iran to draw blood too.

There is something more to this though, in the Lame Cherry reported that Sec. of State Mike Pompeo went to Texas for a bizarre closed door meeting with Iranians in America, which he intended to be leaked, which stated the United States would not attack Iran.
That violates everything Donald Trump ran on in signaling to a nation the military option was off the table. By the contents of that article, it is concluded that was a deliberate cover by Mike Pompeo, in the United States fully intends to strike Iran, but not a first strike.
In the article Pompeo states that Trump would do things different in an uprising, and then mentions that John Bolton and Rudy Guilliani were meeting with MEK, an Iranian listed terror group.
All of this points to something is being planned and is operational, as Trump has the replacement regime, is coordinating and has told the world that the US will not strike Iran, which violates Trump Speak.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Grundlegend mein lieber Watson

As it is laid out in th article on the Lame Cherry, and now with what the Iranians are wary of, it is concluded that Mike Pompeo was conducting a cover story of US Peace, when the US is preparing for a retaliatory attack on Iran, to install MEK.
This then points to Iran stating that in incident is going to be unleashed by Tel Aviv or Mecca to draw the United States into a strike.

As Dick Cheney explained, there were only so many hard targets for conventional weapons. That is why the assessment in this is beyond what Iran is speculating on. The only way to bring about the Pompeo results which would produce the final solution on Iran, as Wesley Clark stated that Iran was the last of 7 nations the United States for the global cartel intended to topple for a new Mideast Order. is for a dial a nuclear strike on Iran.

As there is not any way the United States can unleash that kind of crossing the red line firepower, without a 9 11 type event, which 9 11 could not even unleash the use of nuclear warheads in Afghanistan to root out al Qaeda, it therefore is a conclusion that the attack Iran is wary of, will not happen in the Mideast. It will not happen on US bases in the Mideast or a carrier group. It will not be conventional. It is concluded by the above daisy chain of events that in order to bring about the outcome which Mike Pompeo would advocate, that it would require some type of glow in the dark event upon the United States proper.

This would then provide the United States the cover to use their dial nuke arsenal, which would bring about a cost effective regime change, which would pollute the land long enough that Russians and Chinese would not prefer to glow in the dark.
It would effectively provide diplomatic leverage in future negotiations with the Eurasians as the United States had proven their battlefield nuclear arsenal would counter the Eurasian hordes in World War IV.

The time line in this is Jared Kushner as there are indications of event date. Kushner has been pushing an Arab NATO to counter Iran. This Harem of 8 though has more purpose as Kushner intends it to use his gang as his Jew mafia enforcement arm for Greater Judea.

Problem is though in this that Egypt after speaking with Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, told the Arab 8 and Kushner to bugger off.

Breaking: "Kushner Peace Plan Includes 8 "Arab NATO" Nations ... /watch?v=SIdb5M9Pdm8 also Trump's Son-N-Law Jared Kushner reveals Peace Plan will include 8 Arab Nations "Arab NATO" in the Middle East Peace D...

Egypt Pulled Out Of U.S. Efforts To Form "Arab NATO" To ... /egypt-pulled-out-of-u-s-efforts-to-form-arab-nato-to-combat-iran-reports/ Egypt pulled out of US and Saudi Arabia's effort to form an anti-Iranian "Arab NATO," Israeli media reported citing anonymous sources familiar with the matter. The country told the US and other participants in the Middle East Security Alliance, or MESA ahead of a meeting on April 7 th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The signs though are Kushner. He was supposed to unveil his big Jew Peace, but after meeting with Chancellor Kurz who gave it zero support, the Kushner Peace Plan is now not going to surface until after Ramadan, June 4th. That means the Muslims do not want hordes of hot headed Muslism raging on holy pilgrimage over whatever Kushner is planning to divide the Greater Golan to be annexed by Tel Aviv.

Kushner: Middle East peace plan to be unveiled after Ramadan /a42ff021b66f49c68841932bcc767891 NEW YORK (AP) — The White House is planning to release its long-awaited Middle East peace plan in the next few months. White House senior adviser Jared Kushner said Tuesday that it would be unveiled sometime after the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which this year ends on June 4. Kushner, speaking ...

Then we have Brexit in late May. Then the EU elections again in June, with strategic appointments following in mid July. A time window is opening in this when connected to Iran.

2019 EU Elections | WWF /what_we_do/eu_affairs/elections/ 23-26 May: EU Elections in all 27 Member States 20-21 June: EU Heads of State and Government adopt the Strategic Agenda for 2019-2024 and agree on high-level appointments 15-18 July: Newly elected Members of the European Parliament vote on the future President of the European Commission

Even Trump and Chocolate Cake Xi moved a March summit to sometime in June. All of these major events are being delayed, moved and being enacted around a specific time period.

Proposed Trump-Xi summit to end trade war may be pushed back ... /story/proposed-trump-xi-summit-to-end-trade-war-may-be-pushed-back-to-june-report-2019-03-17 A proposed summit between President Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping to end the trade war may be pushed back to June, the South China Morning News reported Saturday. The proposed meeting to ...

I am reminded in this of the Bavarian Seer who spoke of a nuclear attack upon the United States when the trees were blossoming in Europe. The above combined actions all point to an under current having developed all based upon some very colossal diplomatic jockeying. Europe is seating their new Super State Government in this period. Kushner is pressing his version of Anti Persian Peace. Xi is being pushed to bow to the Donald and Egypt has thrown in with Sebastian Kurz and the Europeans over Libya in their future is North Africa, not the nuclear conflict with Iran.

The Brother's Durden seem to be hinting from the hedge sources that someone is whispering something. The above links are all public, and when assembled point to a conclusion that there is an event out there, and the major powers are poised to profit off that event.

As my brother texted me the other day, "You know Rush Limbaugh said NUFF SAID" on his radio program the other day.

With that quote, this Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter ends.