Netherlands police lost access to tracking bracelets due to incorrect software update – HACKER NEWS

As a precautionary measure, the police arrested carriers of electronic bracelets in high-risk groups.

An incorrect firmware update disabled hundreds of electronic tracking bracelets used by the Dutch police, and as a result, law enforcement officers were unable to access the monitoring system.

The incident occurred on May 9 of this year. According to the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands (Ministerie van Justitie en Veiligheid), the update violated the transfer of data from the devices to the control centers, which prevented law enforcement officers from tracking the location of suspects under house arrest and those released on bail.

As a preventive measure, many “carriers” of electronic bracelets that are at high risk were arrested and put in prison. The victims of the crimes and their relatives were also notified about the failure of the monitoring system.

The authorities managed to solve the problem on the same day. The ministry did not disclose information on the number of bracelets that affected the incident. According to data for 2017, about 700 people in the country wore electronic tracking bracelets.


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