VIDEO - Uber officially pulls scooters, bikes from San Diego –

JUMP bikes sit parked on a street corner on April 12, 2018 in San Francisco, California. Uber announced this week that it has acquired bike share company JUMP for an undisclosed amount of money. JUMP currently has dockless, pedal assisted bikes in San Francisco and Washington DC. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

SAN DIEGO -- As of Thursday, Uber's dockless devices, which include “jump” bikes and scooters, have disappeared altogether from San Diego.

The company said San Diego’s new regulations were too strict and didn’t allow for their operations to be sustainable.

Some locals have appreciated the city’s initiative.

"I think it’s helped with congestion in certain areas especially downtown and out here along the boardwalk. You don’t see them everywhere. You see them in one central location because of the corrals," said Michael Eroles.

In addition to mandating the bikes and scooters now be stores in a more organized fashion, the new rules mean slower speeds in busy areas like the boardwalk and Embarcadero.

With Uber leaving the city, it still leaves six other dockless device companies in operation.

"I wasn’t currently aware of that many brands," said Travis Dutton.

Many people still feel like the dockless devices are a convenient and fun option.

"I think this opens up a new way for people to really see the sights and sounds of the city so I think it’s huge to have this," said Riaz Rayek.

However others have seen the congestion this volume of companies can bring and think the city could do with even less.

"Slimming down the brands would be very helpful," said Eroles.

Last month the city announced it’s plans to revoke Lime’s permit. For now you can still spot Lime scooters throughout town, since a formal hearing has yet to be scheduled.