Asian Defence News: Islamic State invents Bomb Bra s

World needs some serious discussions on Boobie traps

“It’s an ideal weapon for a checkpoint approach.” - Say Islamic state

Distract the soldier by the cleavage and explode the bomb when he comes to check it out.

ISIS plan to attack SAS troops in Syria with suicide bombs in bras.

The fanatics are wiring the garments with plastic explosives in a bid to kill coalition troops.

The tactic means women suicide bombers can show their midriffs if searched without revealing the bombs.

It is understood one was found in Afrin, northern Syria, in April. It is now believed the bras are being produced by highly skilled operatives.

A security source said: “It’s just another example of the inventiveness and determination these people possess to kill.

“It’s a close proximity weapon. They are a small, lightweight device but can be lined with enough plastic explosive to kill everything standing within a 10-metre radius.

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