VIDEO-Joe Biden snaps at NPR host: ‘Don’t compare me to Donald Trump’

 | December 08, 2019 08:11 PM

Former Vice President Joe Biden got in a fiery exchange with an NPR host after she compared his recent attack on an Iowa voter to President Trump’s “bullying.”

Last week, Biden snapped at a voter who pressed him to answer questions about his son Hunter Biden’s high-paying job on the board of the Ukrainian gas company, Burisma. The former vice president berated the man and challenged him to a push-up contest or a foot race after appearing to call the man “fat.” He also claimed he was a “damn liar” after he suggested that Biden sold access to the presidency by allowing his son to rake in cash.

During an interview on Morning Edition, reporter Rachel Martin asked him about his decision to smear a random Iowa voter as a “damn liar” and his odd requests for a push-up contest or an IQ test.

Biden brushed off the question and claimed he was “joking” with the man.

“He came along. What was he saying? He said he’s entitled to do this. He said, ‘You’re too old.’ He said, ‘You’re too old. I can’t vote for somebody as old as you.’ I said, 'OK.' And he was challenging me what kind of shape, and so I kidded. I said, ‘Want to do a pushup contest?’ I was joking. Look, I’m in pretty good shape,” Biden explained.

Martin pushed back, asking, “Which is what Donald Trump says a lot. ‘Hey, you can’t take a joke. I was joking.’”

Biden got frustrated and fired back, “Don’t compare me to Donald Trump.”

“What Donald Trump says, he makes fun of people. He belittles people. He lies. I don’t do any of those things. Period,” Biden said.

Martin continued to press Biden on his remarks and questioned how calling someone a “damn liar” is restoring civility, as he promised to do on the campaign trail.

“That’s not civil? To call someone who lied a liar?” Biden questioned, later adding, “But he’s lying! He’s lying. You acknowledge what he said wasn’t even true. None of the mainstream media believes any of that was true.”

Biden, 77, is the front-runner in the crowded Democratic primary. His RealClearPolitics polling average shows him with 27.8% support.