Anonymous 'Secret Santa' Reportedly Pays Off $65,000 in Layaway Gifts at Walmart

An anonymous donor surprised Walmart shoppers in Anniston, Alabama, by paying off $65,000 worth of layaway balances in time for Christmas.

Hannah Haynes was one shopper who was surprised to find that her layaway balance had been paid in full.

Haynes told WBMA she stopped at Walmart during her lunch break on Monday to pay the remaining balance on her children’s Christmas gifts.

Instead of taking her payment, the cashier handed Haynes a small slip of paper with a message from an anonymous donor.

SO GENEROUS!🎄Some Walmart shoppers were shocked to find that their layaway balances had been paid off by a Secret Santa! The only thing the generous donor wanted was for each person to receive a note that read: “God loves you. Jesus paid the price.”

— FOX 35 Orlando (@fox35orlando) December 13, 2019

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Haynes took a photo of the note and shared the story on Facebook, writing, “So today I went to Walmart to get the kids Christmas stuff off of layaway.”

“They started bringing my items out and the lady said ‘ma’am, you don’t owe anything. There was someone who came up here and paid off EVERYONES layaway totaling $65,000 and the only thing he wanted you to know was this’ and she handed me this piece of paper (pictured).”

According to WBMA, Walmart managers did not confirm the $65,000 total but did say the amount was significant.

Written on the small square of paper were the words “God loves you. Jesus paid the price.”

Haynes could hardly believe what was happening.

“I was (and still am) SPEECHLESS! God is so good! I could never thank him enough!!” she wrote.

Kandy Ward was another shopper who benefited from the secret Santa’s generosity. Ward told WBMA that she loved the donor’s message of faith.

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“That really topped it off,” Ward said. “I really loved the message that he put out there and I think that’s what he wanted to do.”

Haynes said she kept her note and hung it on her refrigerator where she will see it each day and be reminded to think of others.

“Every day I’m gonna wake up, like, how can I bless someone?” Haynes said. “How can I show someone that type of love?”

While shoppers said they wish they knew the man’s identity so they could say a proper thank you, it seems Santa is content to remain anonymous.

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