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I hear people say that POTUS is crude or offensive a lot.

My response, “So what? Nobody is perfect.

In spite of what you might think of the man, and in spite of grenades being thrown in his path to do more, look at your 401K, look at the unemployment rate, look at how he’s handled the chaos at the Border and look at how he’s handled China’s predatory trade practices that have sucked the wealth out of our country building China in to the country it is, building schools, roads, bridges and military at the expense of our country intrafructure and employment.

So maybe in some senses he’s seen or is as an offensive SOB.

What’s the adage, well he’s are SOB now.

It’s at the point we need one to right things.

I say give ‘em hell Team Trump.

And, if you don’t see his love for his family & the USA, you’re not paying attention and not being evenhanded.

You’re being brainwashed by a media that has been complicit in pushing the nothingburger which was the Russian collusion delusion and spying on an American citizen.

You have heard or read about the fact the FBI, CIA and DOJ have for years surveilled POTUS as a citizen, candidate and president-elect, with no LEGITIMATE evidence right? You’ve heard or read exculpatory evidence was held back on MULTIPLE occasions right?

Read the OIG Report yourself. Don’t take someone else’s word for what it says.

It’s not tin-foil cap stuff to say he’s the victim of a coup.

If the same thing were done to Obama or a Democrat, people would be literally and figuratively hung for it.

Where’s the even handedness??

I bet you’d be angry after three years of this.”

Generally the response is crickets.

A year ago, I’d here from them, “Your a Fox News nut”

But at the outset I make it clear I don’t watch FOX or any TV. I read as much as I can.

I ask them, “Have you ever heard of Fight Club?

What’s the first rule of Fight Club?”

Most of the time I get the response, “You don’t talk about Fight Club.”

Then I tell them, “Well I’m going to talk to you about Right Club, The Last Refuge. Look it up.

Google it on the internet, read it and the comments within it with an open mind, then think about it and then —talk about it.”

I tell them I got skin in this game because to a large extent I was put out of business because of the trade polices of the Trump Administration, particularly Trade with China.

While I personally did not sell to China, China purchased a major amount of what I traded in.

When China backed off buying many things, one of which I traded, the supply went up and the value cratered, effectively putting me out of business after 20+ years trading under my own name.

At my age, even in this economy jobs are scarce so I’m driving for rideshare.

It’s a real grind. Not much left after, State, FICA, Federal and Unemployment taxes.

I got skin in this.

I tell people I’m OK with it! And I am!!

I saw it coming when Tarrifs were first discussed.

I’m OK with it because it is the RIGHT thing to do for the USA, after 40+ years of our jobs being lost and the USA’s purchasing power being given away for nothing except for the filling of the pockets of politicians and and global monopolies.

I don’t care if POTUS is offensive and sometimes says boneheaded things that tee it up for the Bolsheviks, Media and Deep State to drive at him.

Net, net he’s the best thing that I’ve ever seen happen to this country and for the young people.

I’m proud to say I voted for him and I was absolutely certain from the very beginning he would be POTUS. There was no doubt.

Based on performance up to now, I’d vote for POTUS for a third term if it were possible.

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