Lindsey Graham on Senate Trial: “I’m going to tell the president, ‘no,’ to his witness request”… | The Last Refuge

On the cusp of an impeachment vote in the House, Senate Judiciary Chairman states today: “I’m going to tell the president, ‘no,’ to his witnesses request” when the articles of impeachment reach the Senate.

Senator Graham wants a quick presentation of the articles of impeachment by the House managers; a quick defense against the charges by President Trump’s lawyers; and then an immediate vote on the articles without hearing from witnesses.

WASHINGTON –  S enate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said he will not support calling any witnesses in the upcoming impeachment trial against President Trump, including witnesses Trump wants to summon.

“I’m going to tell the president, ‘no,’ to his witnesses request because I think what is best for the country is to get this behind us as soon as possible,” Graham, a South Carolina Republican, said Wednesday.

The House is set to impeach Trump Wednesday night on two articles charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The Senate will hold a trial in January, and Democrats and Republicans are battling over the proceedings. (read more)

Obviously unstated by Graham is his own personal interests to ensure that nothing about U.S. politicians financially benefiting from Ukraine money-laundering is presented by team Trump.  A quick dismissal serves the interests of the deepest senate.