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Always-On Wireless Energy Through Ultrasound

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Now long-range wireless power, reliability and safety are always on.SonicEnergy’s proprietary transducers, transmitters, receivers, and software deliver wire-free power at a distance of meters to units ranging from IoT devices, medical & aerospace systems, to portable electronics products. A turnkey hardware and software solution delivering Always-On Wireless Energy.
No wires, no battery waste, no exposure to harmful waves, and no down-time.

Industrial IoT

By eliminating the cost associated with power wiring or battery changes, SonicEnergy provides a new level of flexibility to accelerate industry 4.0 adoption. IoT devices can now be placed and moved as needed, all while being continuously monitored through SonicEnergy’s Power Management Portal.

Smart Living

In smart homes and senior living environments, SonicEnergy’s always on power combines convenience and safety monitoring by recharging devices, from smart sensors to security cameras, to provide maximum comfort and peace of mind.

Consumer Electronics

A single SonicEnergy wireless energy system can provide enough power to recharge a roomful of electronic devices, including Bluetooth headphones, gaming peripherals, AR/VR headsets, and mobile devices. This way, you’re never chained to a charging pad or tethered to the outlet.


SonicEnergy is the only choice for sending power-at-a-distance when weight and electronic interference are of paramount concern. Whether you need to enable the next generation of air travel or minimize critical sensor failures from battery mishaps, SonicEnergy’s ultrasonic wireless power can deliver safe and reliable energy for aerospace applications.


SonicEnergy’s ultrasound technology provides an entirely new capability for automotive applications, beyond object detection. Ranging from in-vehicle charging to powering sensors, SonicEnergy’s wireless energy system can ensure the cars of tomorrow aren’t held back by the technologies of yesterday.


SonicEnergy’s wireless power technology and cloud-based management portal can safely recharge and track wire-free instruments and connected healthcare devices to help streamline medical care for hospitals and avoid costly procedures for patients. All while using non-electromagnetic waves.

Smart Agriculture

SonicEnergy’s ultrasonic wireless energy system is communication protocol agnostic, which means it can fit into existing IoT ecosystems without signal interference or complicated antenna design. SonicEnergy can help keep the network running smoothly with minimal downtime due to battery issues, to ensure that farms, vineyards, and ranches produce at the highest levels.

The Safety of Sound

Ultrasound, due to its use for decades in the medical field, has been extensively studied and verified safe for human use. Unlike electromagnetic/radio-frequency waves, ultrasound is not readily absorbed by the skin, and there is no verified risk from prolonged exposure to the body. SonicEnergy’s inaudible technology meets current regulatory standards for long-range power transmission. In addition, the company has commissioned a wide range of third-party expert studies to ensure the highest commitment to our customers’ safety.

The Smart Way to Power a Wire-Free World

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