NASA has released figures showing the world has cooled recently.

Here at The Richardson Post we are great lovers of the environment. We love animals, we love wild places, we love clean oceans and pristine forests.

Who the Hell would want to turn our planet into a giant, boiling, toxic rubbish tip?

What parent would wish to bequeath such a legacy to their children.

If the world really is going to warm catastrophically and cause mass extinctions, then we will be calling for genuine action.

Unfortunately, we are not climate scientists and so we have to approach the subject with caution.

This is difficult because there is so much hysterical information coming from both sides of the debate depending on whether the day is particularly hot, or particularly cold.

From Where can we get real Climate Information?

Most of the information we hear comes from the media, politicians or scientists employed by politicians.

These people are not as reasoned as might be expected on such a complex topic.

The claim made by Barack Obama, for instance, that 97% of scientists agree about global warming was not a truthful statement.

It would have been more truthful if he had said that 97% of our mainstream media and politicians agree that they need to tax the bejesus out of the rest of us to fix this problem–had there, in fact, been one.

Of course, we know how to tell when a politician is lying.

We simply check to see if his lips are moving.

Are the Media Balanced?

There was a time, however, when the media had rather more credibility.

So, if the media were not reporting this issue in an honest and unbiased fashion, this would be a big story in itself at one time in our history.

If the media were reporting this situation honestly, we would expect them to keep us up to date on big temperature drops and not just big temperature rises.

Super sleuth Howell Woltz has been looking into this issue and has discovered to his surprise, that this is not the case.

Whilst significant temperature rises have been front page news (accompanied by photos of starving polar bears), recent, significant drops in temperature have met with deafening silence.

Howell has been so incensed by this dishonest behavior, that he has decided to write a book on the subject.

In order to reach the largest audience, he has decided to use a new twist on a very old marketing strategy. I’ll let Howell tell the rest in his own inimitable style.


NASA recently announced that global temperatures have plummeted to pre-1980s levels—yet the media is still pushing the warming story.

Yes.  You read that right.  Global temperatures have had their largest drop in a century just since Donald Trump’s election, according to NASA, no less.

Any relation between the two?  Not really, other than that Trump forced the Obama leftovers in the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to stop manipulating the data as you can see HERE and HERE.

Once they stopped dropping all the ‘low’ numbers out of the data pool, guess what happened?

It showed the largest temperature drop between 2016 and 2018, of any two years in a century.

Global temperatures are now at pre-1980s levels.

Why are Governments not Reporting Global Temperature Drops?

But somehow governments all over the world – and their media hacks – missed the memo.

No one noticed when Real Clear Markets published the NASA data for financial firms and traders, except one analyst, Aaron Brown, who wrote, ‘From February 2016 to February 2018, [quoting the report] “global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius.”

That, he notes, “is the biggest two-year drop in the past century.”

In case you missed this story in other news, this is Al Gore’s new $8.85 m beachfront mansion in Montecito, California right on the same beach that he predicted would be under water—a decade ago

Here’s a question for you:

If temperatures are at pre-1980s levels, why did the Government of Queensland pay Al Gore $300,000 of your money to lie to you last summer?

It is doubtful that the High Priest of climate change, former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, did not know this published NASA data existed when he came to warn you in 2019 that the world was burning up.

Al Gore Must Know

It was a bold lie and he should have known it as the world’s temperature has dropped for over 20 years now since he warned we were burning up.  We haven’t.

It is also highly doubtful that someone in Canberra or Queensland didn’t know the truth as well when they stroked a check to Big Al for ‘three large ones’ as other shakedown artists and gangsters might say.

But as you can see, the High Priest of the Carbon Hoax has expenses.  A beachfront mansion here, a beachfront mansion there – it adds up.

And if lying this big for this long when all evidence points in the opposite direction can make you so rich, how could you be expected to give it up?

How Can we get the Truth About Climate Change?

But they’re doing it with our money folks, so spread the truth and I’m asking you a favour

For two years I’ve been working on a book telling the background of the Big Lie that was intended to rule our world.  It’s called just that: The Carbon Hoax: A Story– Ruling the World with a Big Lie.

I’m not asking you to buy it – I’m asking you to read it for free, one chapter each week, right here on The Richardson Post – and share it with everyone you can.  We must alert the world quickly.

Charles Dickens was a Savvy Book Marketer

If you know Charles Dickens’ story, you know he couldn’t afford to publish his first book back then, it was so expensive, so he bought some cheap newsprint from an out-of-business printer and published The Pickwick Papers, one chapter at a time.

Everyone could afford a chapter on cheap newsprint and they shared it.

The chapters wore out quickly and new readers would buy the preceding chapters when it became popular.

Then he published the book, and they bought it again.

Dickens’ worst novel (in my opinion) The Pickwick Papers became the best-selling book in English history (other than the Bible) because of how he published it, not its quality.

Our goal is to get this information out quickly and broadly – through you – and we’re going to try the same method.

It is important to know that this entire ‘Global Warming’ scheme was hatched in Rome back in 1968, and now is run by the most ruthless, dishonest, power-mongers in history.

We need to break this story worldwide, because no one else is.

I’d like your feedback on the idea.

We will start putting this out bit by bit over the next days and weeks


The Carbon Hoax is dedicated to the brave souls who dared to say the world was not flat – because it wasn’t.

To the brave souls who dared to say that the Earth was not the Center of the Universe – because it isn’t.

And to the brave souls standing against the Elite takeover of our world who scream carbon is killing us – when it can’t.


I noticed a few years ago that there were little snippets in the news saying things like “97% of scientist agree” that our world is burning up due to carbon in the atmosphere.

That was what tipped me off that something was amiss.

Why? Because it was painfully obvious that none of the ‘scientists’ were ever named – and very rarely do 97% of them agree on anything.

Plus, the whole proposition made absolutely no sense to me.

Carbon is the most basic building block of life. We need it to eat, to build homes and to keep warm. How could it be killing a world that must have it?

The human body is roughly 70% water – hydrogen and oxygen – and guess what makes up most of the rest?

It’s carbon of course, so the idea that it is deadly to our world is absurd.

Apart from the water in our bodies, we could be properly described as carbon units ourselves.

Scientists Never Agree on Anything

So, when I started trying to find out more about these ‘scientists’ who all agreed with this rather foolish notion, I couldn’t find any.

The only ones who did agree were a group of grad students who participated in article reviews on the orders of a handful of very politically biased professors.

What I did find were numerous political hacks, Hollywood actors, tyrannical billionaires and other people who had an agenda to control us.

Meanwhile, actual ‘scientists’ with credentials who supported this idea simply weren’t there.

And those “Global Warming” political hacks, actors, and purchased spokespeople all began getting very shrill about it as the world edged toward the big 2016 throw-down in America – but they had to change the name of their ‘crisis’ from Global Warming to Climate Change.

Why Did They Change from Global Warming to Climate Change?

Why?  Because the Globe wasn’t warming – and they knew it before I did.

In fact, NASA reported that 2016 began a cooling period the likes of which has not been seen in a century.

In other words, real “science” proved they were lying.

In 2016 it was “The world is burning to a cinder if you don’t give us total control of everything” crowd vs. the “may we see even one small piece of actual evidence of your claims?” crowd, and it was neck-and-neck.

2016 was when they planned the final takeover of our world based on unproven ‘climate’ claims.

They seemed very surprised when we didn’t buy the hype without proof.

Then it leaked out that NASA’s data – when no longer subject to tampering – showed the opposite from their narrative.  We’re getting cooler, and fast.

Donald Trump has Injected Truth into this Debate

In fact, we elected a man who refused to consider their claims without evidence – kind of like us.  Our man wasn’t even a One Worlder. 

He was an outsider, just like we had been made to feel in our own countries, who started saying positive things about America for example, and talking about things – just like we did amongst ourselves. 

Now it’s 2020, and they’re trying it again

This time, it’s a fight like none ever before in America’s history.

At least not since we threw off the yoke of Great Britain.

Like that fight, this one may be to the death as our very nation is at stake.

The Swamp Dwellers are not our Friends

Under the Obama/Biden regime, the One Worlders and elitists allied all their national security and intelligence assets against ‘us’ and our man.

That is now an admitted fact. 

They were managed by the group seeking total control over our lives.

What’s more, it has now been proven that they were co-ordinating with other intelligence agencies worldwide.

Their aim was to target and spy on any political campaign that had even a prayer of beating their anointed one, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary was Supposed to Win

The media was 100% in their pocket except for a few hosts at FOX and ‘the ballot boxes were stuffed by the poll places with care, in hopes that Queen Hillary, soon would be there’.

The smelly ‘Deplorables’ – as Hillary called our half of America – were expected to vote for the candidate ordained to destroy us.

On the Monday before Election Day, according to CNN’s Political Prediction Market, “Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning the presidency rose from 78% last week to 91%.”

Not a chance in Hell, we were told, could anyone beat her – especially some brash billionaire running around saying stupid things like “America First!” – and really seeming to mean it.

Bush Republicans, Socialist Democrats and Globalists nursed an accepted ‘wisdom.’

They believed that the millions of us losing our jobs would be OK with their managed decline of our nation – in favor of other countries and people.

There were also an estimated 60,000 businesses that had been shuttered by their inane trade deals designed to break our nation and people.

They thought that the owners and stockholders of these businesses were just going to let it go.

And they really seemed to be OK with their organized decline of the greatest nation on earth.

But the thing was – that they had all forgotten to ask ‘us’ how we felt.  So, we let them know in 2016.

No one in their media/Democrat bubble realized just how many of ‘us’ had grown to hate them – on both sides – for their betrayal.

Trump Caught Truthing

They hadn’t a clue how our man could make the outrageous claim on March 22nd of 2016, “We’ve lost, over a fairly short period of time, 60,000 factories in our country – closed, shuttered, gone. Six million jobs, at least, gone.”

The CNN and MSNBC kooks had a field day with that one – until every fact-checking outfit from far left to far right confirmed he was right – and that was only the businesses and jobs lost between 2001 and 2015.

Back in 2016, we did not know how close we had come to their plan to decimate and destroy our nation being realized – but we believed him, because we felt the pure hatred of the Globalists and Elites against him.

“What did we have to lose?” he asked.  And we thought, if they all hated him that much, maybe he was OK.

We knew Donald J. Trump believed what he said, so we voted for him even if we weren’t sure – because he was the only one talking about ‘us.’

Shocked Elites, Feminists, One World Republicans, Democrat Socialists and every other Anti-American force on earth were openly weeping the night their candidate was beaten by a brash outsider – who promised to put ‘us’ first instead of the rest of the world.

And they have regrouped now and doubled down for a 2020 re-match of ‘them’ vs ‘us’ – and this time it may be worse.

The Swamp is now Unmasked

In just four years, they’ve gone from closet Socialists, scared to call their beliefs by their real name, to outright ‘in your face’ Marxists.

And we’ve already seen in the 2018 mid-terms how far they will go to win.

Judicial Watch filed a federal lawsuit against the heavily Democrat districts where fraud was the worst and found 3.5 million more ‘votes’ than voters.

Ballot-harvesting, voting dead, stuffing the rolls in Democrat precincts with illegal aliens – no devious or illegal act was or will be foregone.

That’s because this is the end game of a 50-year plot.

Global warming was decided on as their platform to sell the world and its people of the desperate need for their own destruction back in 1971.

And it was working – right up until the big surprise on November 8th of 2016.

So, I first acknowledge the victims of the Carbon Hoax and thank them for their incredible courage to stand against the Mob.

They are, in fact, our last hope – besides perhaps the man who beat the odds in 2016 – supposing he can survive long enough to do it again in 2020.

Part 2 coming soon