VIDEO - Sunday Talks – Steve Bannon Discusses His Thoughts to “Crush” Coronavirus… | The Last Refuge

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon appears on Fox News to discuss his thoughts on how to mitigate and eliminate Coronavirus from the United States.

Among Comrade Bannon’s proposals:  Shut down all inbound international air travel. Shut down all domestic air travel. Forced federal shut down all ports of entry, allowing only commerce. Initiate forced quarantine zones around major metropolitian areas keeping people from leaving.  A forced shut-down all vehicle travel on interstates, except supply chain transports. A federally enforced closing of states to cross border traffic. WATCH:


Yikes.  Civil liberties? Meh, details… details.

I’m just sharing information….

Steve Bannon was, perhaps still is, well regarded by many people; and formerly held a position of influence in the White House.

I cannot even fathom the totalitarian nature of what Bannon is suggesting.

What America would even re-emerge from that type of action?

Your thoughts?