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Reviewer: The Holy Ghost


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- April 11, 2020


Thanks for the upload. And a message to the authors.

I give 5 Stars for the upload of it - but not to the content.

I'm deeply disappointed by the modems of fear within the excuses displayed, while trying their best to dress it up as "class".

I'm ashamed, at the lack of humility had by these authors,
and the forgetfulness of their backwards ideals.

I wonder, do they think their lives operate so much from the physical that they can see and feel and hear?
And what levels of their own thoughts are they subjected to, and must less inspire of?

A cat falling from a tree relaxes, and thus falls to land on its feet.

All manner of control, and being controlling over the world, especially to such an extent of the lives of others - is only exactly show of cowardice, and void of any true reasonability had.

And to the authors - if they so choose to find this laid here for them,
plan yee as you may, authors, know that in your denial of Spirit you will only always find such plans and ill-designed ways will yield specific irony to valley humility to your dismay, and your regret, and shame, and agony all through-and-through found done by none other than thy-own-hand be found holding dagger-to-thy-own-gut.

Consistent warning and signs were given, and ignored.
Such blasphemes against the father, may be forgiven, and surely will be.
Such blasphemes against the son, may be forgiven, and surely will be.
But such against the Mother will not be forgiven on Earth nor in Heaven.

Repent, now.