Corporate Philanthropy: The Ultimate Guide to Giving

Corporate Philanthropy: The Ultimate Guide to Giving

What is Corporate Philanthropy?

Types of Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate Philanthropy Basics

Why is Corporate Philanthropy Important?

Becoming familiar with corporate philanthropy is important, especially for nonprofits and corporations. It encourages employee giving, which has a positive impact on nonprofits and society, and benefits businesses by helping them reach their goals.

For example, corporate philanthropy can lead to:

Positive Work Environment

Bringing employees together to participate in team volunteer grants or other team programs encourages everyone to see themselves as part of the greater community. This feeling of community then benefits the greater social good.

Increased Employee Engagement

Companies with engaged employees who enjoy their jobs outperform companies with disengaged workers by up to 202%! Collective participation in philanthropy engages employees with each other.

Positive Public

Partnering with a nonprofit provides corporations the opportunity to publicly show their communities how invested they are through press releases, social media, and word of mouth! Their work then adds to greater social change.

Enhanced Consumer Relationships

Consumers want to buy from companies that are doing good deeds in the world, especially those that support causes they care about. By upholding their commitment to these causes, companies make a huge impact.

Corporate Philanthropy Statistics

Strategies for Nonprofits to Raise More from Corporate Philanthropy

There are multiple ways nonprofits can raise more by taking advantage of corporate philanthropy. From building awareness to actively searching your donor database, try out these tips to raise more money for your organization:

1. Use a corporate philanthropy database.

Encourage your donors to search their eligibility for matching gifts using a corporate philanthropy database. Once donors have completed their gift, they can search for their employer using a search tool embedded into your nonprofit’s website. If they are match eligible, their company’s profile will populate with the guidelines and steps they need to follow to submit a match request.

2. Automate your match eligibility process.

Invest in a matching gift automation platform that automatically searches your donors as they give to your organization and determines their match eligibility. If they are match eligible, the platform will then automate outreach to these donors encouraging them to submit a match request.

3. Encourage volunteers to match their hours.

Many volunteers at nonprofits don’t know that their companies offer volunteer grant programs. Encourage them to search their company name in a corporate philanthropy database to determine whether their employer offers such a program. If their company does, they can then follow the provided guidelines to submit a grant application.

Corporate Philanthropy Examples

Corporate Philanthropy Database:

Learn More About Double the Donation

Nonprofits can increase their revenue by promoting matching gifts and volunteer grant programs to their supporters. Through these corporate philanthropy programs, donors can double their gifts and volunteers can make an even greater impact with their time.

Double the Donation can help both nonprofits and employees take advantage of these corporate philanthropy opportunities.

Double the Donation offers the #1 matching gifts database and volunteer grant database, with more than 8,500 organizations using it. As the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource, corporate employees can look up their companies to determine whether they are eligible for matching gifts, volunteer grants, or both.

In addition, full-service automated matching gift solutions like 360MatchPro by Double the Donation can do more than provide users with the necessary information and forms. These services can actually move donors through the matching gift request submission process, from identifying match-eligible donors through email domain screening to sending automated reminder emails. Your staff saves time, and your donors get the guidance necessary to ensure they submit their matching gift requests promptly.

How the Database Works:


Access the database.


Search for your employer.


View the results.

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