Irony overload: Will Autonomous Zone 'warlord' be canceled after old homophobic tweets surface? -- Society's Child --

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Cosmic commentary: Dumpster fire near the CHAZ in Seattle, Washington.

As we've previously


, the Democrat/media-driven rush

to "cancel"

anyone who decides to think for themselves instead of participating in left-wing groupthink in the aftermath of

the death

of George Floyd is at a fever pitch, with professors, media figures, and pro sports


among those being tossed into the fire left and right.

But in an ironic twist of fate, a cancel notice may soon be coming for Raz Simone, the "warlord" of the radical Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, Washington as old homophobic tweets from his Twitter account have surfaced that appear to be legit, based on various web archive websites (language warning):

Here's the

archived version

of the above screen grab, available for viewing as of this writing.

Here's the

archived link

for one of the tweets in the above four-tweet screen grab.

In spite of evidence to the contrary, Simone is employing the Joy Reid "I was hacked" defense.

The "hacked" excuse is pathetic, for reasons explained here:

Plus, there is the Google search footprint:

Simone also tried to claim he was not even on Twitter in 2010, which was a lie:

Here are related tweets from Simone that he has not deleted (probably too busy warlording and stuff to have time to delete them all.

Will the supposedly inclusive and tolerant utopian "summer of love"

safe haven

for so-called peaceful social justice warriors vote Simone off the island? Stay tuned...

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