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For the purposes of this chapter— (1)

The term “

Indian Wars

” means the campaigns, engagements, and expeditions of the United States military forces against Indian tribes or nations, service in which has been recognized heretofore as pensionable service.


The term “World War I” includes, in the case of any veteran, any period of service performed by such veteran after November 11, 1918 , and before July 2, 1921 , if such veteran served in the active military, naval, or air service after April 5, 1917 , and before November 12, 1918 .


The term “

period of war

” means the Mexican border period, World War I, World War II, the Korean conflict, the Vietnam era, the Persian Gulf War, and the period beginning on the date of any future declaration of war by the


and ending on the date prescribed by Presidential proclamation or concurrent resolution of the




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Sept. 2, 1958


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Prior Provisions

Prior sections 1500 and 1501 were renumbered sections 3100 and 3101 of this title, respectively.

Another prior section 1501, Pub. L. 85–857, Sept. 2, 1958 , 72 Stat. 1171; Pub. L. 93–508, title I, § 101(1), Dec. 3, 1974 , 88 Stat. 1578, defined “World War II” and “vocational rehabilitation” for purposes of chapter 31 of this title, prior to the general revision of chapter 31 of this title by Pub. L. 96–466. Section 802(a)(3) of Pub. L. 96–466, set out as an Effective Date note under section 3100 of this title, provided that this prior section 1501 continue in effect until Mar. 31, 1981 .

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Notice of Dishonest, Predatory, or Otherwise Unlawful Practices Targeting Individuals Who Are Eligible for Increased Pension on Basis of Need for Regular Aid and Attendance

Pub. L. 115–131, § 2(a), Mar. 9, 2018 , 132 Stat. 334, provided that:

“The Secretary of

Veterans Affairs

shall include on the internet website of the Department of

Veterans Affairs

a warning to veterans relating to dishonest, predatory, or otherwise unlawful practices targeting individuals who are eligible for increased pension under

chapter 15

of title 38, United States Code, on the basis of need for regular aid and attendance.”

Pension Program for Nonservice-Connected Disability or Death; Report by Administrator

Pub. L. 94–432, title IV, § 404, Sept. 30, 1976 , 90 Stat. 1372, provided that, due to certain insufficiencies in pension program for nonservice-connected disability or death authorized by this chapter, and lack of sufficient long-range information as to actual and anticipated financial characteristics of potential pensioners and their families upon which to estimate costs of existing alternative pension programs, it was necessary for Administrator of Veterans’ Affairs to study existing and alternative nonservice-connected pension programs and to submit a report to Congress and the President not later than Oct. 1, 1977 , on alternative courses of legislative and administrative action and long-range cost estimates therefor.

Study of Needs and Problems of Veterans and Their Widows Seventy-Two Years of Age or Older; Report by Administrator

Pub. L. 93–527, § 8, Dec. 21, 1974 , 88 Stat. 1705, directed Administrator of Veterans’ Affairs to study needs and problems of veterans and their widows seventy-two years of age or older and required him to report to Congress and President not later than one hundred and eighty days after convening of Ninety-fourth Congress results of study together with any recommendations for legislative or administrative action.