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Health check your team regularly to keep your workplace safe

Simple, Powerful, Effective

Protect your team and your workplace.

Provide your customers the safety and confidence they need.


One Location, Unlimited Users


Per Location, Unlimited Users


Per Location, Unlimited Users

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Current LiveSafe Clients For more information about adding WorkSafe enhanced capabilities to your current LiveSafe deployment, please contact your client representative or email us at

Let your customers know that health and safety are a top priority for your business with the WorkSafe Verified Logo.

Frequently Asked Questions

The WorkSafe platform is a limited version of the industry-leading safety communications and risk intelligence platform, LiveSafe. 

We’re closely tracking the work Apple and Google are building to support mobile Operating Systems. We’re following their work closely and will test their APIs when they’re publicly available to understand if and how we can integrate into the LiveSafe platform. As a reminder, per our Privacy Policy, we track last known location of an app user that enables location via their app settings, we cannot track a user’s location over time.