FRAUD: Black Lives Matter Org. Spending Millions on Luxury Plane Trips, Food, Faux 'Consultants' ⋆ The Washington Sentinel

The main Black Lives Matter organization has been caught wasting millions of donation dollars on high-end travel expenses, food, and “consulting” fees paid out to their pals.

A few weeks ago I said that the untold story of the BLM movement will be that all the millions of dollars that these idiotic corporations, entertainers, and other ne’er do wells are wasting filling the coffers of Black Lives Matter and other “charity” groups of its ilk will end up being wasted on garbage that has nothing to do with “stopping racism.” It will turn into massive financial fraud the likes of which we’ve never seen.

Now we are already seeing that the main Black Lives Matter organization is wasting millions on things that have nothing at all to do with helping end racism in America.

We already found that donations to one of these BLM groups are going straight to the Democrat Party. But now, another look at BLM expenses shows that these activists are treating their donations like a giant slush fund to pay for their vacation-styled lives as well as to pad the pockets of their friends who are posing as fake “consultants.”

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Per the Daily Caller:

Black Lives Matter Global Network spent millions on consultants, travel and compensation for its staff from July 2017 through June 2019, according to audited financial statements from its fiscal sponsor, Thousand Currents.

And how much did BLM give to outside groups to help them “fight racism”?

Six percent.


BLM Global Network spent $899,000 on travel, $1.6 million on consulting and $2.1 million on personnel costs during its 2017, 2018 and 2019 fiscal years, the financial statements show, together comprising 83.3% of its total spending during the three year period. BLM Global Network granted $328,000 to outside organizations, which include local BLM chapters, during that same time frame, a figure that represents about 6% of its total spending.

Daily Caller even tracked down a former BLM operative who became alarmed with all the money flying every which way EXCEPT to help “end racism.”

Former BLM activist Ashley Yates has publicly criticized BLM Global Network since as early as 2018 for what she says is a lack of transparency and has accused the organization of squandering money on excessive travel and compensation for its top staffers while giving little to its affiliated chapters.

“I had concerns since the donations started rolling in from day one and I asked each of the co founders individually what happened to all the money several times,” Yates tweeted in January 2019. “Each time I got the run around, outright dismissed.”

This was all bound to happen. Many of the BLM groups are launched by street thugs and communist satraps and they don’t have the first clue about how charitable organizations work, nor do they have any intention of learning.

What they see is these foolish corporations, and rich, white, self-hating, liberals throwing millions into their pockets so that these Ritchie Riches can feel good about themselves and the activists are greedy for their piece of the free pie.

There is no “charity” going on with any of these groups. What is going on is that white liberals are assuaging their white guilt while the fake BLM activists become millionaires.

It is all a giant scam.

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