VIDEO-Ivor Cummins on Twitter: "Nobel Prize for Science winner Professor Levitt of Stanford - one of the few who called this thing correctly back in February - with a population fatality rate of 0.04 to 0.05%, largely regardless of lockdown Now calls it a

Michael James

@ mjchippy77


Ivor have you got a Levitt video recommendation that could deliver a ‘knockout punch’ (metaphorically speaking) to a close friend of mine (a scientist) who wants nothing to do with my theories that reflect the work of yourself and Prof Levitt?

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/// Billy Bango \\\

@ BangoBilly


Thank you Michael Levitt, (Ivor Cummins) .. I think I will put this on ''loop de loop de loop'', over and over again I will let this play this magic to my ears. Oh dear lord you've all done so well, as well as Alistair Haimes, Hector Drummond, various journos...too many mention!

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