Senior Executive at Texas ER Chain Reveals Real Reason For Spike in Coronavirus Cases

The Democrat-media complex has been hammering Texas for its recent spike in Coronavirus cases, blaming Republican Governor Abbott for reopening too early.

Radical Marxist Harris County judge Lina Hidalgo slammed Abbott during a presser on Friday and said, “The harsh truth is that our current infection rate is on pace to overwhelm our hospitals in the very near future. We opened too quickly.”

But what’s really going on in Texas?

A senior executive at a Texas ER chain contacted former NY Times reporter Alex Berenson and revealed the real reason for the spike in Coronavirus ‘cases.’

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JB Neiman, a Managing Partner and General Counsel of a Texas-based company that owns 13 free-standing clinics in the state of Texas said he ‘wants people to hear his story as opposed to the mainstream media.’

Neiman explained that in June, his clinics tested over 2,231 patients and saw a COVID-19 positive test rate close to 20% (was 4-6% positive in May).

What are the COVID-19 positive patients experiencing?

Here’s the breakdown:

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What is driving people to the ER?

The executive breaks that down:

What else is going on in the ICU?

Here’s the breakdown:

Discharge planners are being pressured to put COVID as primary diagnosis because it pays significantly better, according to JB Neiman.

JB Neiman concluded: “What we are seeing at our facilities is more of a positive story…You have more people who are testing positive with minimal symptoms. This means the fatality rate is less that commonly reported.”

Wondering what’s really happening in Texas? Here’s the email, from a senior executive at a Texas ER chain that sees thousands of patients a month. He went on the record – a brave move. I’m going to let him speak for himself. (Two tweets of screenshots. Worth reading to the end.)

— Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) June 30, 2020

The media completely ignores the fact that Coronavirus deaths have dropped significantly which is why they are concentrating on the new ‘cases.’

Sunday coronavirus positivity: deaths hit a new low, down to 273. Lowest coronavirus deaths since March 25th per linked data, down nearly 10% from last Sunday.

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) June 28, 2020

As this ER executive clearly explained, the vast majority of new Coronavirus cases are mild to very mild symptoms (or asymptomatic).