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A “concept incubator” envisages a dystopian future where babies are grown inside sophisticated electronic pods which completely replace the womb and pregnancy.

The promotional video for the baby pod stresses how parents will be able to focus on other things like work while the pod baby is taken care of by the machine.

“Parents would be able to live their lives normally,” states the promo, as if having a baby naturally is abnormal.

“It has a dock to insert food,” states the promo as a woman is shown pouring green gunk into a canister. There’s also a “microphone” attached so people can “speak to the foetus.”

They want to take away from women what makes them special.

No I will not grow my baby in the pod.

— Grass Tastes Good 🌱 (@TasteGrass) July 1, 2020

The pod, which thankfully is just an “idea” at this stage, was *birthed* by students at Product Design Arnhem.

According to Tech Insider, the arrival of the pod baby is “only a matter of time” because it is not that different from lambs already being grown inside “biobags.”

Responses on Twitter to the pod baby concept were not overly enthusiastic.

POV: Pod-grown humans bullying you in 2065 for having developed in your mother’s womb

— Grass Tastes Good 🌱 (@TasteGrass) July 1, 2020

This and sex robots = erasing women

— Daystrom was right (@DemotedHusband) July 2, 2020

What happens when there is a power outage?

— Empress Eleni (@EmpressEleni) July 1, 2020

Grotesque. I hope this is a joke. We are not in any danger of extinction. There are BILLIONS of humans on this planet. Growing lambs in plastic sacs is obscene god complex experimentation for experimentation's sake, let alone more humans. There is absolutely no need for it.

— Emmeline Wyndham (@EmmelineWyndham) July 2, 2020

This is an abomination!

It could only be morally acceptable if a woman was close to losing her child and this was used in a NICU under medical supervision- but what a disgrace to separate the biological reality of mother and child.

How callous are we going to get?!

— Joanna Jewell 🕊✨ (@JoannaAJewell) July 1, 2020

The happy clappy promotional video did not make mention of the fact that this all sounds like some horrific dystopian hybrid of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and a plot from Black Mirror.

Huxley’s 1932 classic portrayed a soft form of totalitarianism where children are biologically engineered from birth in test tubes where each one is given a predestined course in life which is dependent on the conditioning techniques used on its decanted embryo.

While the “concept incubator” falls far short of that scenario, it does promote the idea of dehumanizing the baby by removing the mother from the process entirely.

As we have previously highlighted, the tech elite seems to be obsessed with further atomizing human beings by making them do literally everything from within the confines of a pod, whether that be living, exercising, working, or eating.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, numerous restaurants have announced that they’ll be enclosing diners within pods or greenhouses, despite the fact that they will obviously overheat in summer.

“Transparent corrals for beach-goers. Dining pods. Clear boxes for students. The demand for plexiglass protective shields has never been higher,” announced the Wall Street Journal this week.


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