Wayfair Accused Of Being Involved In Online Child Trafficking

Overnight Wayfair child trafficking has become the most popular topic on Twitter. Users have been swapping evidence and stories about Wayfair. Many accounts linking them to involvement in child trafficking. Not only are these tweets coming in by the thousands, they are concerning.

Update 9:33: Rumors circulating around twitter that the CEO of Wayfair has stepped down.

Update 9:47: Member of our team received this anonymous submission:

This is kind of a lot to take in so I’m going to break this up into 5 main parts:

5. Duplicate Items Of A Cabinet, Only Variation Is A Different Boy/Girl Name In The Title

Why would the exact same generic cabinet be listed at such a high price so many different times? Each time featuring a different girls name in the title. After all, women get snatched up more than the public realizes.

These secret Wayfair child trafficking listings are hidden across the site in random categories. Zodiac throw pillows (when searched in Google) repeated a similar patter. Repeated use of the same photo. Except the pillows had listings for boys not for girls.

4. Why Are The Cabinets Not On The Front End Of The Site?

Here is a video posted by one Twitter user showing how certain “cabinets” can be found in Google image search, but not on the actual Wayfair website.

Maybe it was a hiccup on Wayfair’s end to not remove the “secret cabinets” from Google images. But deleting it definitely made it seem worse and now I’m starting to get on the Wayfair child trafficking awareness moment.

As someone who worked in ecommerce I know that CSV files can go wonky and prices can get mixed up. Duplicate listings with the same pictures is plausible too. But each product listing having it’s own unique title (a different boy or girl name)… I’m having a hard time coming up with a reasonable explanation.

3. The Cabinets May Have Names…

We can only hope that this is just a coincidence. But this is gut wrenching to even think about.

Rapid Fire. Here you go:

One more, but trust me Twitter was posting hundreds of them.

2. Ex-Wayfair Employees Speaking Out On The Cabinets

Maybe Wayfair is just facilitating it, not checking boxes and turning a blind eye.

1. Wayfair Child Trafficking SKU Numbers

This one. This is hard to see…

Twitter users took the next obvious step in this Wayfair child trafficking investigation. They took the UPC and SKU numbers from the products and searched them. On sites such as Bing and Google they either come up with no results or show the same cabinet but at a normal price.

When you go to a specific Russian website however-

There is something going on with Wayfair. They have some sort of involvement with child trafficking and it needs to be looked into now.

Bonus Reason This Could Be Legit

The Wayfair employee walkout that was scheduled was in response to the fact Wayfair was producing furniture for camps for child detainees/refugees under federal government control. A camp by the way that currently has reported 3 thousand children as missing this year alone. They provide little to no reason as to why such a large number of kids are mysteriously going missing from the camp,