VIDEO-AG Barr is killing it on a speech on the threat of China policies - The Donald - America First

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Nice words, I'm more interested in what they are planning to DO before November though.

-Before- is key. I don’t understand how Trump appointments can make promises but for after the election. Is there anything more swampy and Deep State than that? “Yeah after my boss maybe gets fired I’ll stay on and do something about this” fucking a

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Everything about this speech is antithetical to Deep State, swamp think-tank philosophy. He's basically putting swamp foreign policy with regards to China on trial here.

And crickets when it comes to the original problem, which is not China, or Russia. A very powerful Private Foundation founded China, the same foundation which funds the mobs on the streets today. Private foundations are the deep state, and it is THEY which need to be hung out to dry, as a first step.

Would love to see an actual trial. If China is evil and we have domestic actors supporting China over America, why not indict and prosecute? Will continue waiting. We have a chance but this needs to happen.

Japan was defeated by western powers for the first time in history in the late 1800s early 1900s. They learned a lesson. Take the good parts of this new culture and implement it. They nearly took over half the world.

China defeated us on business/trade/economy for 20 years. We must stop that now. We must learn from them, use the good and combine it with our strengths. Do not underestimate them. This is a long proud culture. They have a 100 year plan (1949-2049) they want to be the world power again. The same way you know "God Bless America" they know "Never forget the century of Humiliation." It is that engrained in them. They were always top dog before there was an America. They want their crown back. This is replacement. T

Know Thy Enemy. This is a MUST WATCH speech for all Pedes. (he even blasts Hollywood for their censorship of films to change history and demoralize us) There are so many enemies foreign and domestic. China is very very dangerous, far more so than most realize. They are rich and powerful and becoming more confident. They believe in their supremacy, with no other cultures within to keep this in-check.

We think in 2 year plans, maybe 4 with Presidents. They have 5, 10, 50, and 100 year plans! WAKE UP AMERICA!

Win this now, or your children will be in the fight for their lives and the soul of the world. FACT

They have a 100 year plan (1949-2049)

How come we don’t have a 100 year plan?

Because we have allowed corporate interest to shape our government. Global commerce has allowed foreign influence. This is why Chinese kids are doing advanced math and science while our universities injected Marxism and progressive social science to everything. They lead and we destroy ourselves.

That’s how I feel. We still have a big lead, but we’re pissing it away with the imbeciles on the left. If the Chinese continue to treat science as science (which they currently do a fairly poor job of with falsification, etc), and we treat science as subservient to ideology, then it won’t be long until we ourselves are the servants.

Being woke won’t give you a leg up when researching jet engine design or genomics, but a mastery of actual science will. Trump should sign an executive order to immediately cease federal student loans for any field of study that isn’t deemed in our strategic interest. If universities want to continue funding study in those areas, then they can use their own endowments for salaries and scholarships, not taxpayer dollars.

Trump should sign an executive order to immediately cease federal student loans for any field of study that isn’t deemed in our strategic interest. If universities want to continue funding study in those areas, then they can use their own endowments for salaries and scholarships, not taxpayer dollars.

This is a wonderful step in the right direction. I also believe parents should stop sending their kids to these schools. Have them sit out a year and work.

Our 100 year plan is simple. Just keep looting Americans.

Barr said it in the speech. We (Americans) do not look long term he said something along the lines that American businesses don't look beyond the next quarter.

Because most politicians can only see until their next election. Everything they do revolves around getting back in office.

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China defeated us on business/trade/economy for 20 years.

With unfair advantages our traitorous leaders provided.

You need to preface these things. Court of public opinion matters, especially 4 months shy of a presidential election.

Barr has deputized federal attorneys and has sent out guardsmen to crack down on looters and rioters. These are real actions. Both of these were prefaced as well.

People here need to understand that this sub gets information WAY faster than the general public does and creates the perception that things aren't moving quickly. They are moving quickly, as far as DC politics can go.

It’s a good point. For years TD has been ahead of the traditional news cycle and it can feel frustrating.

I have friends on FB just now posting stuff about Soros. As the line laugh "Wow- another conspiracy theory!!!," I try to divert my Trump-loving friends to this site.

This and also people completely forget that hindsight is 20/20.

So many ask why things didn't happen years ago without remembering that they were just discovered in the last few months.

The other half here don't understand your sentence: "They are moving quickly, as far as DC politics can go."

Federal investigations are amazingly slow, especially when there are teams of lawyers slow walking everything. And the public hears none of this so has no context on whats taking so long.


Who funded the Chinese regime into being? It was not the Chinese people. Or the Russians. It was an organization which funds the BLM mobs on the streets today. It was an organization which founded the UN, the CFR, the Federal Reserve, and the medical dictatorship we find ourselves mired in today.

PRIVATE FOUNDATIONS are the biggest single problem with America today. They are behind every single conceived ill which plagues the nation today.

DO SOMETHING about the private foundations.



If the speech doesn’t work he might even write a memo. Memo’s have done so much to curb censorship and all

Lots of talking. He real good at talking. God I fucking hate that fat clown.

If Trump wins reelection Barr needs to go the next day. I want Sydney Powell. Bring in a badass non gov’t lawyer

If Barr doesn't put down indictments, Trump will lose. The base will be dejected and will not show up.

this. rhetoric is one thing....action is what matters though

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nothing, AG Barr is owned by the Deep State and will be finished if he dares to go after ANTIFA or BLM. They are domestic terrorists and are allowed to reign free under the guise of "protesting". Trump will lose badly if they aren't dealt with.

"if you want more shootings, more death, then listen to the ACLU, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and groups who do not know the reality of policing."

airgag 1 point 2 hours ago +3 / -2

Well even just nice words are light years ahead of kowtowing to ccp as dems and shitlibs do ..

Government policy wise probably not much unless Trump gets reelected, but it was a very powerful speech and it wouldn't surprise me if CEO's aren't starting to take notice. Regardless of immediate political policy changes we to bring more attention to this kind of stuff. Politics are downstream of culture.

He is dropping the hammer.

Another sign of Trump's Administration stance on China

"Fuck China" should be every nation's stance on China.

A communist world superpower with current and future technology is one of the more terrifying world prospects. Good luck escaping a commie technofist.

They only have current tech because Bill fucking Clinton couldnt be content with fucking children. He had to fuck the country too and sold our military research to them. Look at their transportation chopper. It's a blackhawk ripoff.

They've also been stealing our tech for decades. Fuck them.

Stealing with no one fighting back.

We're actually doing something on the technology front. We've stopped TSMC from doing business with all chinese companies which means they get completely shafted for any phones/computers/tablets they make. We've also put pressure on multiple countries to ban Huawei (which is working btw), so the ChiComms won't have backdoors in our 5g networks.

We need to work on countering the subversion they push in our communities. We need to retaliate on the cyber attack front.

Only country capable of check mating China in the region is India.

We can defeat the technocrats. We need a group of banks and regulation protection.

Fucking A. And about time. Follow up with tangible actions-walk the talk before Nov.

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Imagine a world where Hillary had sucked China's dick for the last four years.

It's aiming too low, imo.

The root of the problem is Private Foundations.

He specializes in strongly worded letters. No one doubts his rhetorical abilities.

More fiery words from the hamburgler?

Ruby Ridge Billy is the Trey Gowdy of the DoJ.

Watch it buddy, he might become deeply concerned, and heaven forbid he finds something troubling.

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You be careful. You’re going to get a strongly worded letter!

... already riled up the highest ranking Qtard, apparently.

It's like you all have the same script.

Anti-Barr: check.

Anti-Gowdy: check.

Anti-Q: check.

At least you guys are consistent.

Added to the "do the opposite of what these guys say" list.

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Why is it so outrageous to have a “show me, don’t tell me” approach to the promises made by others?

How did that Epstein investigation go, chief? What about that laundry list of things that Gowdy was going to do? Oh, he’s gone now.

How many years are you going to let your drunk brother sleep on your couch while he makes promises of getting sober and getting a job before you start to doubt him?

Look, if I was making promises to someone, and they told me they would believe it when they see it, I wouldn’t be offended. Because I actually intend to do the things I promise, so why would I find it offensive or wrong that they’re going to wait to see results before they give me the credit?

A drunk brother on a couch is hardly an apt comparison to a thousands years-old death cult deeply entrenched in governments and corporations.

If you don't understand that draining the swamp might be slightly more complex than kicking out a drunk brother then I don't know what to tell you.

Added to the "do the opposite of what these guys say" list.

Well you get right on the horn with the big guy and let him know.

If I can accurately predict which users will be making disparaging comments before viewing the comments, I'm pretty sure the big guy is well aware.

Did it ever occur to you that even if the person posting as Q has some real information he maybe a deep state psyop to make you sit by silent while your country is stolen from you? He is anonymous you would never even know who is speaking. Trust the plan = "sit by and have faith, do nothing" Should our founders have sat by idle in 1776 because the king of england wrote an anonymous letter peppered with a few insider facts and told them to "trust the plan"?

I see nothing wrong with holding any elected officials feet to the fire and demanding they do what needs to be done, Democrats included. They all need to be held accountable for the bad things they permit to happen on their watch. I will never advocate my fellow country men sit by and do nothing. That is shill talk. A government that isnt being held accountable is what got us in this mess to begin with and I see nothing wrong with citizens speaking up demanding words be backed up with action. If you are a true patriot you should understand where I am coming from.

Spezit: Your instant downvote didn't prove your point, it just reinforced mine. We take each others opinion to heart and point out where we disagree with each other, we don't act like a hive minded cult like the q crowd. If you have a point to make then by all means please make it, but otherwise I am just going to continue to assume I am right in my assumptions.

Qtards would have saved us all by now if not for Q placating them.

This is the weakest of all arguments.

What should we be doing right now if not investigating elected officials and corporate leaders?

Be specific.

Posting on here demanding public officials back up there words with tangble actions is a good start. Sometimes public outrage is required to get things done, but when ever we do that qanons show up and tell us to shutup and trust the plan which in itself is anthetical to the concept of free speech.

Why does it seem like qanons are so threatened by us demanding that our government does what they tell us they are going to do? You guys have been proven wrong on multiple accounts including with Sessions and other things have been posted after the fact claiming to have been predicted by q. I am not saying that maybe there isn't one or two legitmate posts what I am saying is you are listening to an anonymous source on the internet on a board that is world renoun for larpers and trolls. You arn't any different then the people on CNN telling me I should listen to them because they were told something by an anonymous source.

Sorry, dude. We've been waiting for almost four year for indictments for Obamagate. The evidence is in the public sphere.

If he doesn't indict before the elections, the base will be so dejected that Trump will lose.

I will like Barr again when he does his job. Until then, I'm sick of the talk.

They're just cynics. Likely young people who are impatient. A month is an eternity when you're in your early 20's.

Barr is actually doing things. He's deputized attorneys and sent out guardsmen to round up looters and rioters. Hardly "strongly worded letters".

except instead of a month... its been 4 years...

speaking of swamp draining as a whole.

AG Barr was appointed in Feb 2019. 60+ years of swamp does not disappear overnight.

ahh ok. my mistake, we have to obviously wait another 56 years then.

Well, on the bright side, you might be off your sippy cup by then.

Well actually I'll be well into my 80s by then and probably back on the sippy cup.

Oh boy, how I look forward to all the justice that's going to come when I'm almost dead!

I'm glad so many of y'all have faith cuz mine is quickly dwindling. Cuz if nothing happens in the next 4 years, guess what? GAME OVER.

... continue reading thread? deleted 1 point 1 hour ago +1 / -0

It hasn't been 4 years. It's been 1 year and change for AG Barr. How quickly did you think a bulletproof case would be built against one of the largest scandals in American history? With as many deep state actors running interference to boot?

Trump messed up with Sessions which set him back. Barr is actually getting shit done. Pretending the two are the same is ignorant.

How about you double that age for me. I’ve been alive long enough to have a good bullshit detector.

Some of the things CCP is currently doing is requiring every Chinese government employee to give name, address, employment info, social media info and phone number of every relative they have living in USA. They have also announced they Will perform a “census’ in October of 2020 to identify and take away identification card of every Chinese person living abroad.

to identify and take away identification card of every Chinese person living abroad.

Which means they will extort the Chinese living abroad to do espionage or take away their identity, and/or arrest or charge them with some fabricated crime

Pepedom 10 points 3 hours ago +10 / -0

Or their family still in China

They're at war with us and we're worried about kids burning down their own family's stores in Democrat occupied territories.

It's fucked up. Prepare for war.

inb4 "strongly worded letter"!

Sting 9 points 3 hours ago +9 / -0

Damn it! You beat me by a full 17 minutes!


He’s had any intention to do anything but string the public along with his chest beating.

Barr needs that based "Chi-Na is Asshoe" guy for a hype man.

Barr: That's why I'm recommending the following actions...

Hype man: Because you can't trust Chi-Na! Chi-Na is Asshoe!

(China-is-asshoe guy expertly scratches turntable)



ASSHOE, CHYNA IS (wigy wigy wigy) ASSHOE

Biden is our target til Nov.

He was party to the war crimes.

Understanding the war doesn't diminish, in any way, the campaign against Biden.

Know your enemy.

I am with ya. Keep preaching.

I fear that we sometimes lose sight over the fact we're all in this together. Simple sentences get turned on their head sometimes.

And everyone is more stressed than they need to be, even if we tune out most of the BS.

I was trying to talk more about the war effort against us. Not the foot soldiers, if you will.

Thanks for understanding.

Agree and you're welcome. Thank you as well.

Keep in mind, we have far left MediaMatters marxists, CCP and neocons from Lincoln Project all shilling on here as Trump supporters. Last night they trashed Brad Parscale because he spent so much money on Facebook instead of Twitter in 2016. Not 1 or 2. About 15 accounts promoting the same message. There were many trashing Brad who had zero idea what his role was and even claimed Brad replaced Manafort.

The enemy is here promoting negativity and its rattled all of us as well as disconnected our alignment.

We need to remind people of this and simmer down the disagreements.

You should see my inbox...

The war is won

Before it's begun

His whole life, Trump has been a winner

If I can trust anything, it's that this man will not tolerate losing to these evil demons with their vile criminal methods and their horrific taste for human baby flesh.

He will find a way to win, like the rest of us will find a way to get our next breath of oxygen (those of us not wearing the death mask, that is :)

Hope is nice but terms of surrender have not even been written for the Chinese to sign. So we still have real work to do.

Hope and confidence are different

Second sentence is true, although I didn't suggest there is no more work to do


China has been at war with us for 30 years.

Thank you for the links, someone better archive this

airgag 1 point 2 hours ago +1 / -0

Yes. It's very obvious at this point.

Why is stream on Fox so bad?

I don't know but if that damn chime goes off one more time I SWEAR TO GOD!!!

Everything media on Fox is bad. To this day I’m yet to have a video load on any device. I do run a pi-hole though.

Why isn’t this stickied? What a speech. Everyone should listen to it

but what will he actually DO

It's not what he does it's what bushiness owners choose to do now knowing all this.

Oh fuck kill me now.

Corporate America is 99.97% actively complicit.

True but they are only in power because they are market leaders. They can lose their ass in a heartbeat with a cold war. Competition is constant. Look at the top 20 tech stocks today and look at the year they were founded. 2008 to 2010 during the crisis.

What’s that got to do with anything? Clear examples of wokeness costing bottom lines but all of corporate America sells it like its their bread and butter.

3M ain’t new and they had to be forced into helping Americans in crisis.

Everything. Business owners openly advocating for policy that will destroy us within will rock their stock and bottom line. These CEOs and leadership teams will be registered as FARA agents. That limits their capacity to lead a publically traded company.

Okay but you are missing the point of the conversation you entered entirely. I responded to the idea that "it's not what he says it's what corps choose to do now they know," which I am in total disagreement of.

They know, they actively don't care and are opposing this admin in doing anything about it.

No I got your point. You may have missed the hint of FARA by Barr to business leaders openly advocating US policy that the PRC supports? No CEO or company leader registered as a Foreign Agent of China will lead a large public company. They lose business immediately with US government, banks and core industries. It's suicide and Wall Street will not lose their ass over it.

The administration is making moves to realign in opposition to Chinese antagonism. This is the most triggering speech a commie could possibly hear, and the CCP will hear the dog whistle: "we are decoupling from you. Fuck you. I dare you to start something"

And the warning shot to all American companies... this this is heavy shit

He’s going industry but industry, civil rights violation by civil rights violation, calling out the CCP and the leadership of short sighted, or CCP dedicated, American companies.

This is good shit.

Flak 8 points 3 hours ago +11 / -3


lanre 0 points 3 hours ago +4 / -4

Strong words from a weak man. Instead of carrying a big stick and speaking softly, we speak loudly and walk around with our ducks in our hands.

0 for 0 on Deep State indictments.

If it’s so serious, make sure the pro China globalists involved in the coup are taken down before they have a chance to get back in office and put us back on a path to subservience to communist China’s. It’s nice guys like Barr recognize the threat, but for God’s sakes, get a move on with the indictments!!!

Sting 2 points 3 hours ago +2 / -0

Clearly the plan is to allow these people to stay in place, proven traitors and spies, anti-Trump and anti-America commies in positions of power - we let them keep their jobs and let them lay down the foundation to steal the election. See? Perfect plan.

Hey. Wait a minute...

That’s a terrible plan!!!!!!

I suggest we offically name and label that way they get serious charges. Right now it's a gray area because CHINA was the plan of 3 administrations.

This is a good speech. However.... The wording from Barr and often from The President often sounds like "look at all these bad things, why doesn't somebody do something?" Not "WE are in control WE are doing something!" You have the big stick Barr. There is nobody else. Use your position. Arrest the seditionist globalists, seize their cash, arrest the pedos. You have the power, so use it!. Many of us on this forum have know all of what has been spoken about by Barr for years now. But we can't go out and arrest the traitors or seize the cash, YOU have to do it AG Barr! That's why we elected your party reps, so you could do it. Or don't elections matter anymore?

Belt-Road initiative... Steve Bannon talked about this a few years ago, 2017-ish.

Actions speak louder than words. Show me or shut up.

As a Canadian, I still don't trust him. Maybe that is a byproduct of the guy with the same position in my country

Career bureaucrats. Very untrustworthy.

How about the fact we have no reason to trust Ruby Ridge Bill?

If only he would arrest someone..

shit or get off the pot, barr. we’ve had four fucking years of traitors and communists walking all over this administration.

this. we simply do not have time to wait for the slow gears of justice to turn. we have 4 months til election. We need a BIG win here, we're not winning on BLMAntifa or the Kung Flu. (KF isn't defeated til the masks come off, people can freely assemble, go where they want and open their businesses nationwide again, it matters not what Trump says federally if the states control their fates)

He really is crushing it. Calling out machine learning, supply chains, pharmaceutical shortages, rare earths, and most importantly corporate board room dependence.

YES! Use FARA against these business leaders!! They are AMERICANS.

Anyone can talk. We need to see actions

We need to bring back electronic mfg to the US. All mfg would be nice but especially electronics. When was the last time you saw circuit boards made in the US? I know of one place that I've been to in person that makes them for our missiles but that's all I've ever witnessed.

Here is one and the FDA is currently on track to put them out of business in September because nicotine bad!

His Democrat handlers give him permission to talk about China. He has to talk about something while he's failing to prosecute the coup and other 'rat crimes, Seth murder, etc.

Thanks for posting! I'm at lunch but will listen when I get back to work.

Oh, an AG who gives speeches, how lovely.

Who issues actual indictments and prosecutes actual criminals, including traitors?

(chirp. chirp. chirp.)

The answer is obvious as are the traitors in our midst.

Bahhh, more words and no action. I know things are being done but we need hammers dropped, and we need them now. We needed them decades ago.

"Here's what we should be doing" - FORCE American companies to do what they should be doing. Incentivize them to stop with China. If you want a 1.5B person market, there's one right next door in India.

Hollywood is just not scumbags but a filthy nest of anti-human demonic scums.

Sting 3 points 3 hours ago +3 / -0

The exact same people who tried to overturn the results of the 2016 election are in their same positions of power now. Nothing has been done to most of them, they haven’t even taken pay cuts.

They are sitting there, planning, laying down the tracks of the railroad that will steal this election in 2020. They have been able to operate pretty much unfettered and undisturbed. The time for strong words has a long, long passed.

If they manage to do what they are already doing – look at the news, it’s already happening, not in the future, it’s happening now, ballots are being fucked with NOW - William Barr is going to be at the top of the list of people that need to be punished for allowing it to take place.

How is this "killing it" ?

Identify the problem, then excise it.

aClue 3 points 2 hours ago +3 / -0



Calling out Hollywood directly. Good.

lanre 4 points 3 hours ago +4 / -0

Will any of them go to jail? The fucking #metoo movement has sent more Hollywood pedos to jail than our entire DoJ.

Chyna has slowly eroded and drained the economic strength that the most free country in history has ever had, in an effort to undermine free democracy and free capitalism, to implement authoritarianism.

Ouch - Hollywood taking a beating.

Having the USAG condemn China AND US companies (including Hollywood studios) as collaborators sends a message. Words have powers. Declarations have power. Treasonous US companies WILL bend the knee or face extintion. This is the beginning. It has been a LONG TIME COMING for something like this to happen and now it has. Sometimes we can't understand the importance of an event until much later. This is such an event.

Now Big Tech getting a beating lol

Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk some more. Then Talk some more...

When is he actually going to DO.

Lol useless, is he gonna cry?? No traitors in jail

MudDog 2 points 3 hours ago +2 / -0

I am amazed by his doctrine

Great speech. Tell me when he bagpipes his way into taking some fucking action. Until then, it means exactly dick. I know the Barr blowers are out in force today, but seriously - we've had decades of so-called conservatives telling us what they're going to do. Trump actually DOES things. Barr does not. I don't want to go back.

Can we get a CancelChina .win?

Let's cancel our debt to them and see what happens. Call it we are even for all of the stolen intellectual property.

Do the things after words are said, ya know, ACTION!!!

Communism must be eradicated with extreme prejudice worldwide but should start with routing it from american schools.

Here's a link to the speech as prepared for delivery.

One excerpt:

The People’s Republic of China is now engaged in an economic blitzkrieg—an aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government (indeed, whole-of-society) campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower. A centerpiece of this effort is the Communist Party’s “Made in China 2025” initiative, a plan for PRC domination of high-tech industries like robotics, advanced information technology, aviation, and electric vehicles. Backed by hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies, this initiative poses a real threat to U.S. technological leadership. Despite World Trade Organization rules prohibiting quotas for domestic output, “Made in China 2025” sets targets for domestic market share (sometimes as high as 70 percent) in core components and basic materials for industries such as robotics and telecommunications. It is clear that the PRC seeks not merely to join the ranks of other advanced industrial economies, but to replace them altogether.

About 15 years ago i was researching magnets and realized china was the only producer of a lot of Rare earth materials. I saw the potential for business in north america, but unfortunately i obviously don't have the money to start a mining operation. Everyone told me it was a dumb idea, when i saw the obvious failure of our government on this, despite our abundance of these resources no one was using them. Now when it's too late our governments are finally giving money to companies to build operations, if only i had the money back then to fund my idea ugh.

This is a must watch. Earth shattering. AG Barr is killing it! 🚂💨💨💨

Amazing speech. Really explains in depth, with examples, names, etc. of how CCP has influenced the world, specifically America.

While 1st amendment rights are just fucking destroyed nationwide. Chy-na

Missed part of this - did he bring up Chinese influence in lies from the WHO about the kung flu?

AG Barr is still pushing the limits of doing next to nothing, who even creates fluff posts for this swamp rat pos?

F*** Apple f*** iPhones everything from Apple is f****** junk.

Get real people.

Crazy, I never before thought about it, that iphones would never be sold in China if they were impervious to surveillance.

Stern talking instead of stern letter! We're gettin somewhere

US policy combating Chinese colonialism needs to be a long term strategy, this isn't a fight that will be won by any single administration, just like the cold war wasn't.

The US companies that are eagerly bringing Chinese communist ideals to this country, right now, are a far more immediate threat to our nation. Would be nice if DoJ priorities reflected that.

More action, less talk please.

speaches are worthless without action


was the speech "strongly worded"?
Excuse my doubt but like many others on here, results speak louder than threats. You can make speeches like this all you want but if there is no follow through it's just a speech

I'd like to hear what he's doing about leftist domestic terror groups (BLM, antifa, democrats, democratic socialists,etc...).

Musman 1 point 22 minutes ago +1 / -0

This dude is worthless.

Just finished listening. Impressive he hits all the points. I watched the Chinese do these techniques he mentioned for many years.

speeches. pfft.

I'd trade them all for some indictments of the Russiagate conspirators

I couldn't give a shit. Show us the indictments for Obamagate or fuck off.

is he doing it in his campfire scary story voice?

fuck this fake asshole motherfucker like the rest of the swamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn yo.. I have an apple phone. I want to keep my stuff private, just like everyone else. If my family was in danger and that danger could be avoided by the government looking into an apple phone, well... I say damn privacy in this case. Lets say something happens to my children because apple wasn't willing to help, then they turn around and help China. I would be rather upset. I also want my privacy and liberty. I don't see a way around this conundrum. Thoughts?

This summabitch needs to work on his reading skills

Granny 0 points 2 hours ago +1 / -1

This is powerful. Barr is effectively making a mission statement regarding China, and providing information as to why we need this mission.

He is stating the basis and the position from which future actions can be understood. Imo, this is a milestone.

I honestly think the UFO's that the Pentagon released video of is advanced Chinese drones, meaning China already has the technologically advanced military/spy drones. I've heard they have drones the size of grains of rice that have 360° camera views that they can just drop from the sky into our cities and pupulation densities.

k-doe1 1 point 3 hours ago +2 / -1

omg you are retarded


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