Why Kayleigh Always Wins — Photo of the Day – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

When you come to battle, be armed, educated and practiced in execution of delivery.
Obviously not her first rodeo, glad she is on our side.
She rocks!

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I am in love with that woman.

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She wins every argument. I can’t imagine how she is at home

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If she has a binder like that with topics on her husband he is royally screwed…lol

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Thinking same…you know she has a “book” on hubby and kids. You said this or that at 12:45:12 antimeridian, 2012 AD, July 3rd, full moon, slight wind at 4.875 mph 45.23 degrees west by north west, 68.25 degrees fahrenheit.

How do you plead, Mister?

She does a fantastic job, though.

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My wife doesn’t need a notebook. She can recall things I did to piss her off 20 years ago.

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Lol! So true! Mine brings up stuff 36 years ago and she is the one always telling people to let it go!

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Married 45 years, and yes, she remembers the names of my old girlfriends… I can’t even remember their faces.,

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They never forget
And never forgive

yeah, can you imagine the honey-do list?

Ouch…that hurts my brain to think about that. LOL

Mittens had binders full of women.

Guess what was in Obama’s folders!

I have noticed the MSM has been very very absent from the ‘daily Propaganda routine’ since the end of Shampeachment and the hiring of Kayleigh McEnany in April 2020!

She is beating the pants off of the MSM/DNC every single day. And they are DESPERATELY trying to ‘trick her’ all the time… with every question.

Super hire for Team Trump!

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Just more Excellence from this Administration.

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That said, why is this idiot reporter allowed to ask question after question in these press conferences? He’s a minister fake news and fake questions.

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It’s being done for people to finally wake up and realize what the so called press is ALL about.

They keep Acosta around for comic relief!

Glad she’s with us she opens cans of whoop ass w ease

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Melonia, Kellyann, Kayleigh – This President has wisely surrounded himself with faithful, brave Catholic women.
That binder proves she’s following our 1st popes command to always be prepared to give a reason for the faith that is in you. 1 Peter 3:15. Brilliant!

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That’s what a soldier for TRUTH looks like!

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One badass Lady! Damn I love her!

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Too bad her hubby cant pitch 😪

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As much as I like Ms. McEnany’s grit and charm. I feel these press briefings are waste of money and time and should be terminated. It’s obvious most journalist are fools these days.

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But it’s so much fun watching them being humiliated and slapped around a bit!

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josh moe….respectfully, i see it the opposite. kayleigh’s style keeps them at bay and doesn’t provide bs and/or fakenews ammunition concerning inside baseball from the administration.

think about all the other talking heads. always overstepping in their rhetoric and causing angst and pathos for trump. that never happens in her pressers. NEVER.

most everyone she deals with (both sides to be clear) deal in emotions while she deals in only facts. she could be a little meaner though. that would upgrade the entertainment level for me.

I love how under “A”, she’s got “Absurd”…we all need a file folder like that! Pretty much anything Joe Biden said would have to be in there, for sure.

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I think it’s for “Acosta” questions.

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Does that folder also include the “a” for acosta? It is amazing how he has the stamina to embarrass himself so often. Is the WHCA proud to have such fools in its organization?

The absurd tab is no doubt the largest section.

She’s tough as nails.

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It’s time Acosta was hung as a traitor.

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Kickin’ that lefty ass!

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And a White House photographer has no business taking sneak shots of her work product.
Get a new photographer.

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Acosta is the biggest fake news rumor monger on the face or the earth. How can anyone stand to be around this hateful person.

I can’t say I blame her. It’s a smart move to be prepared if you ask me.

I am always impressed with her!

The first file is ABSURD. I’m guessing that’s what she named her press briefing notebook.

Notice she has faith in GOD!!
She’s beyond good!

I wish President Trump would tweet out some of the material she uses to open the briefings. It is that good.

Her June 22 briefing where she Squarely put the blame for the blue state crime surge on the blue state mayors and governors was excellent. Kayleigh succinctly explains how federalism does not allow the federal government to police states and cities. Update the facts with this last weeks crime data, and Trump could tweet the statement out as 8-10 tweets.

Or he could tweet out a video clip from the White House video. Maybe both.

Her first tab is “absurd”
Proof she understands who she is dealing with

Wanna bet the Biden people are “sending out anonymous notes trashing Dr. Fauci” in attempting to make it look like it’s coming from President Trump? Biden has run VERY dirty campaigns his entire 47 year career. 47 years. Why don’t we have a forced retirement age or years of service for Congress?

When will they stop poking the tiger? I guess you can’t fix stupid.

She might already be the best press secretary ever.

That binder is so great. I love organization, but this binder takes it to a whole new level. I might be a tad bit jealous.

I can’t believe people are still saying (and getting away with the lie) that Trump recommended injecting bleach.

Trump made an analogy to compare UV light blood sterilisation (which is a promising and valid science-based treatment) to injecting bleach to make the concept easy to understand for morons like Jim. Obviously the moron still didn’t understand

I’m beginning to think Acostaburger is there just so he can have Kayleigh can tell him how much he sucks on a daily basis. Secretly, he’s in love with her.

The front cover says “How To Beat Libs And Win”…

Jim Acosta is without a doubt the stupidest person to ever worm his way into the White House press corps.

“…When marching to war, do not bring food. Eat the food of your enemy.” Sun Tzu.
She’s just doing her job, eating the bad guy’s lunches.

I never thought ANYONE could be as good as Sarah, but damn Kaleigh is fantastic. Still a huge fan of Sarah, can’t wait for her to be Governor!

Kambei Shimada - masterless

That is one GREAT ‘Broad’ (and I mean that in a very positive way)

Her tact and knowledge are both great and broad. 😊

Kayleigh always does her homework and is always over-prepared. She’s packing heat and outguns the media.

It wasn’t a battle, Sissy Acosta threw a fit & Kayleigh took him to woodshed

If I was Acosta’s boss, I would fire him.

Being prepared and organized in anticipation of the media is a major part of winning. Being nimble and quick “on your feet” is the other major part and Kayleigh is excellent at that also. As Bill Murray said in “Caddyshack” “To kill, you must know your enemy, and in this case my enemy is a varmint. And a varmint will never quit — ever. They’re like the Viet Cong — Varmint Cong. So you have to fall back on superior intelligence and superior firepower. And that’s all she wrote.”

Note the frayed corners, she spends a lot of time thumbing through these pages!

It is apparently clear that this guy has problems with women in power. The last three Press Secretaries were women and look at how he has attacked them… Acostic must have an inferiority complex.

This girl is top notch. She can shred them and still keep a smile on her face.

I bet she turns to that first tab the most. ABSURD. 🙂

When she was the oppo pundit on CNN she really got them worked up. I remember Navarro blue in the face, white lipped, screaming and spitting at Kayleigh and there was one time I thought for sure Van Jones was going to attack her.
She’s the perfect fit for this position right now, like an Uber soldat spokesperson, unflinching and unaffected by the little digs, always slamming the ball back hard to their side of the court with facts and conviction.

Look at that disgusting hate speech manual! RHEEEEEE!!!!

Kay leigh hits home runs every day while the so called journalists keep striking out!

There need to be bounties on the heads of some of these Marxists instigators

Followed quickly by bullets! Very quickly!

I need her to come and organize my file system, just sayin.

Why do they (anyone in the Trump Administration) acknowledge acosta?