A Left Wing Site Is Running a Hit Piece On Outkick – OutKick

Outkick is on fire, in a good way.

July is set to be the greatest month in Outkick history with tens of millions of readers, video views, podcast downloads, you name it, all of it is growing rapidly. Some coronabros might say we’ve even entered exponential growth.

With that in mind, the expected far left wing hit piece has arrived.

I got the usual far left wing request for comment on a variety of issues for an upcoming article in “The Daily Beast.”

Quite often I ignore these requests and just let them write whatever they would like to write for their small audiences of wokesters.

But this time Whitlock hit upon a good idea, why not ask for the questions via email and then publish the questions and my responses to them on our site so we get the site traffic instead of them?


With that in mind, here are my responses to The Daily Beast’s questions:

“On various occasions throughout March, you’ve said healthy people under 80 had “zero chance of dying. Later you said people younger than 70 had “nothing to fear.” You also wrote that month that COVID-19 was far less contagious and fatal than the flu. Worst-case scenario, a “thousand” people would die. Now that both have been proven inaccurate, do you still stand by those statements?”

As I wrote and said months ago my initial comments back on March 6th were based on China and the WHO’s lies about the initial outbreak in China. If China had been honest about tens of thousands of people dying of the coronavirus and if the WHO hadn’t provided faulty information about contagion rate then my comments, which were similar to Dr. Fauci’s at the time, wouldn’t have been made.

I relied on faulty information from China and the WHO and, in retrospect, should have been smarter than to trust a communist dictatorship’s information.

I apologized to my audience months ago both on the site and on the radio for believing these numbers from China and the WHO and making inaccurate predictions.

Having said that, just this week the CDC released a study saying the actual rate of infection in this country was 6-24x the number of confirmed cases. Given that per covidtracking.com we now have roughly 4.1 million confirmed cases in the United States and 137,655 deaths that would mean the CDC now believes there have been somewhere between 24.6 million and 98.4 million cases in this country. That would make the rate of death for those who actually contract the virus to be between .0056 and .0014. Which would mean that regardless of age those that are infected by the coronavirus have a survival rate of between 99.44% and 99.86%, which are a range of outcomes similar to the death rates for a serious or mild flu season.

Remember, those survival percentages are of all ages and they are only for people who are actually infected. And we know deaths are dramatically slanted in those over the age of eighty. Plus, virtually everyone dying “of” the coronavirus has multiple comorbidities.

So, yes, the data supports that I was correct when I said that if you are not of a very advanced age and you are healthy you had nothing to fear and nearly zero chance of dying.

“Why do you compare COVID-19 deaths to those caused by lightning strikes, or drownings or from alcohol consumption, or car crashes when none of those lead to further spread of illness or death?”

Because lightning strikes, drownings, alcohol consumption and car crashes are all more common ways of dying for young people than the coronavirus.

You would never know that if you just consumed the media fear porn.

Life requires risks.

I think it’s important to contextualize that risk for my audience, especially the young people, who are a huge part of Outkick’s audience. I’ve also regularly told these same young people that if they are going out for social activities they should avoid close interaction with the elderly or those at greater risk of death or serious illness than themselves.

Essentially, I trust my audience with real factual data so they can make the most informed decisions in their lives.

“You’ve frequently praised both Governor Abbott and Governor DeSantis. Deaths have increased significantly in Florida over the last week. And in Texas, hospitals are being overwhelmed. Do you still think how both governors have dealt with the pandemic is deserving of praise?”

First, deaths have not increased significantly over the past week in Florida. Deaths are up by 130 in the state over the past week, an average of 28.6 more deaths per day in a state with 22 million people. In the past four days, deaths are nearly flat — up by just 38 deaths, an average of 9.5 more per day — compared to last week, suggesting a peak has been reached in the state of Florida.

Yes, I believe Governor Abbott in Texas and Governor DeSeantis in Florida have done incredible jobs managing large states through the coronavirus. The media hasn’t given them credit because both men are Republican governors in red states and because neither man has bought into the abundant fear porn being spread by the media.

Everyone needs to go read my article pointing out that despite similar numbers of confirmed cases in New York, Florida and Texas, the two states are going to have one-tenth of the death rate of New York and Andrew Cuomo, whom the media have universally praised.

Just look at the current death rate per million data this morning:

New York 1679
Florida 263
Texas 170

Governor Abbott and Governor DeSantis should be universally praised for their state responses to the coronavirus, instead the media has praised the governor who did the worst job.

It’s totally backwards.

And it’s backwards despite blatant data proving the truth of my argument.

“In late March you also tweeted that if COVID-19 deaths top average flu deaths, “I’ll reconsider my opinion.” With the total deaths exceeding 145,000 in the U.S. as of this writing, have you reconsidered?”

No, based on the minuscule death rate from this virus and the data that continues to be released by the CDC as we become better informed about this virus I am even more convinced now that shutting down our economy is the most disastrous public policy decision of my life.

We should have never shut down the economy or schools beyond, potentially, two weeks back in March when there was uncertainty about the viruses impact.

Our initial goal was to “flatten the curve” which we did. Somewhere along the way flatten the curve has turned into never go back to work or school until there’s a vaccine.

That’s absurd and ridiculous.

It’s long past time to get back to work and school.

“You have referred to people who’ve disagreed with your assessments as “Coronabros” peddling “fear porn” who are “rooting for the virus” to run rampant. You’ve used these terms frequently when criticizing people in sports media, all of whom are dependent on the return of sports for their livelihood. Do you actually think the spike in cases and deaths is something anyone is cheering for?”

Fear makes people behave irrationally.

I believe many people in sports media and the media in general hate Donald Trump so much and are so overcome by media fear porn that they they have allowed their hate for Trump and their fear of the virus to destroy any of their ability to objectively analyze factual data and make rational decisions.

Anyone arguing against any school being open in any part of this country is so blinded by their personal political beliefs and fear that they are incapable of thinking logically at this point. Kids are under far more danger from the seasonal flu than the coronavirus and there isn’t a single confirmed death in the world from student to teacher infection.

If you doubt me, go read the CDC’s statement this week about kids needing to be back in schools.

“Throughout the last four months, you have repeatedly encouraged states to reopen and been critical of lockdowns. Cases and deaths are on the rise in states that reopened early and the Trump admiTrump has recently said some states “opened up some of the industries a little too quickly.” Are you willing to reconsider your position?”

No, all of America should be open and everyone should be back at work and school.

Lockdowns make zero logical sense and the long range economic impact of tens of millions of people out of work will have a far more dramatic impact in this country than the virus will.

“On June 8 you tweeted: “total deaths in 2020 will be very similar to [the] past five years.” Between March 15 and July 11, the New York Times reported an increase of over 179,000 deaths compared to prior years. Do you still stand by that statement?”

Roughly 2.8 million people die every year in this country. If the New York Times data is accurate — which certainly remains to be seen — this would mean deaths increased 6% this year over the past several years average. I would consider that to be very similar to the past five years.

What’s more, many of the people dying in this country may well be dying not of the coronavirus, but of the impact of the lockdown. Drug overdose deaths, for instance, in my home city of Nashville are on pace to double this year. Many people didn’t receive treatment for serious medical issues because of the lockdown. It’s likely the lockdown contributed to a death increase that had nothing to do with the coronavirus.

“There are a wide range of negative outcomes from COVID-19 that fall short of death. Patients have reported deleterious symptoms lingering for months or possibly years. Why is it you never mention this either in articles or on any of your broadcasts about COVID-19?”

Because it’s just more fear porn.

The vast, vast majority of people who get the coronavirus either never know they had it or experience it as a small cold or flu.

A tiny percentage die, an equally tiny percentage may have long range issues. But, again, they aren’t representative of the vast majority.

“You recently criticized Governor Cuomo for his disastrous early decision to let older individuals who tested positive back into nursing homes. On Monday it was reported that Florida has been allowing recovering COVID-19 patients back into nursing homes, and cases are growing. Do you think that was the correct course of action?”

I appreciate you mentioning what a disaster Andrew Cuomo’s governorship has been during the coronavirus.

Here’s a good stat to illustrate that failure (data from this article I wrote six days ago):

Highest rates of death per million in the entire world:

1. New Jersey 1776
2. New York 1673
3. Connecticut 1233
4. Massachusetts 1221
5. Rhode Island 935
6. Belgium 845
7. England 667
8. Spain 608
9. Italy 580
10. Sweden 556
11. France 462
12. Chile 442
13. United States 432
14. Peru 394
15. Arizona 379
16. Brazil 371
17. Netherlands 358
18. Ireland 355
19. Mexico 301
20. Ecuador 299
21. Georgia 298
22. Canada 234
23. Florida 232
24. Texas 138
25. Germany 109

I’d submit that rather than spending hundreds of hours reading and writing about a sports opinion website, your time would be better spent investigating the tens of thousands of people Andrew Cuomo sent to an early grave with his disastrous decisions in New York. And why Cuomo continues to be nearly universally praised by the media in this country despite posting the worst governing record of any politician in the 21st century.

As for my trust in Governor Ron Desantis in Florida, given that if Florida were a country he’d have one of the best records of dealing with the coronavirus of any democracy in the entire world, I’m confident he’s making the right decisions for his citizens. And despite the facile argument you’re attempting to make, he is not replicating the failed choices of New York and other northeastern governors who followed Andrew Cuomo’s lead in embracing fear porn “expert” forecasts and leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of people who didn’t need to die by sending tens of thousands of patients out of hospitals and in to nursing homes.

“Why do you lead almost every Periscope broadcast with a “Coronavirus update,” when so many of your predictions have fallen flat?”

First, thanks for watching.

Second, 99% of my comments are rooted directly in factual data. It’s important to share facts about the coronavirus because most in the media, such as yourself, focus on anecdotal fear porn in an effort to terrorize the general public.

I’ve tried to limit my predictions because we now have so much data on the coronavirus that predictions are far less valuable than simply allowing the data to speak for itself.

It is, however, worth mentioning that the prediction that received the most attention from media in this country was the Imperial College prediction that 2.2 million people would die of the coronavirus. It has, not surprisingly, ended up being wildly inaccurate.

“OutKick recently added Dr. David Chao as a staff writer. Did you ask about the medical lawsuits and six-figure settlements, probations, accusations of “gross negligence” and malpractice, and/or the DUIs prior to hiring him? In the blog post announcing his arrival, why is this information omitted? Did Dr. Chao or someone representing him ask you or anyone at OutKick to exclude that information? Do you feel it’s relevant for your readers to have this information when reading his content?”

Dr. Chao is a licensed doctor in California. Given that he’s licensed to operate on people in this country, I felt comfortable with him writing for an opinion website.

Furthermore, he’s been profiled as an NFL injury expert in the New York Times recently, written for the San Diego Tribune for years prior to joining Outkick, and is cited as an NFL injury expert, thanks to his tenure as team physician of the San Diego Chargers, throughout the Internet.

He’s not remotely controversial.

We believe in the first amendment on this site, writers don’t tell other writers what they can and can’t say. And writers certainly don’t tell the owners of this site what we can and can’t say either.

“Jason Whitlock wrote a column describing Jaden McNeil as a “martyr” who was targeted for tweeting “politically incorrect” jokes about George Floyd. Jaden McNeil is a member of the openly racist “Groyper” movement. He also promotes, works with and praises white nationalists. How and why was this information left out and did you personally edit the column? Are all of the articles on OutKick edited or are staffers allowed to post stories on the site without review?”

I asked Whitlock to respond to this question since the writer didn’t email him directly, but asked me to comment on his column. Enjoy his response.

“Karen, I honestly find this line of questioning racist and emblematic of the systemic racism practiced by busybodies in the white alt-left movement. Let me translate what you just did: “Clay, Mr. White Folks, your negro writer is out of control and published an opinion that upstanding white people disagree with. Discipline and control your negro or we will.”

Karen, I’m a PARTNER at Outkick. Clay is not my overseer. He is my partner. All due respect to Clay, but I am the most accomplished journalist at Outkick. You could argue I’m the most accomplished sports journalist in America.

I’m offended you reached out to Clay and Dr. Chao directly with questions about their work, but in typical Karen fashion chose to report me to Mr. White Folks. Did you question Kansas State president Richard Myers for not mentioning Jaden McNeil’s alleged affiliation to white nationalists in Mr. Myers’ public critique of McNeil? Like 99.99 percent of America, I’ve never heard of the Groyper movement. When I was in college I was attracted to and attended events put on by the Nation of Islam, an organized and well-known black nationalist group.

Kids experiment with dumb shit. Karen, I am the wrong negro for you to be f–king with. Go sit down.”

“On Monday, you said OutKick’s popularity was in part because “We’re not trying to pick slides. We’re trying to be straight down the middle every single day.” As someone who’s read quite a few OutKick articles, the editorial thrust seems openly conservative, especially given the recent appearances made by you and Mr. Whitlock on Fox News of late. Would you disagree with that assessment?”


Sports media has become so far left wing that straight down the middle now appears to be far right wing.

I’d be happy, as would Jason Whitlock, to go on MSNBC and CNN if they invited us to do so.

But they have not.

We’re both happy to engage with people of differing political opinions. Indeed, that’s why I’m publicly responding to these questions.

In the meantime we’re happy to go on Fox News, the nation’s most watched cable channel, which is currently experiencing record ratings, and share Outkick’s stories with their large audience.

“On June 26, you tweeted: “We already have several thousand VIPs.” But in early August 2017, you tweeted: “We’ve got several thousand people paying $99 a year for Outkick VIP.” And in April 2018 you similarly wrote in a blog post: “We have several thousand Outkick VIP subscribers.” Have the total number of subscribers remained the same in the last three years? And how does that square with the assertion in a recent interview by your partner Sam Savage that sign-ups had grown by “3,366%”?

I’m glad you asked about Outkick VIP, which I believe is one of the best values in all of media.

What Sam Savage was referencing was the rate of increase in sign ups over last year at this time. I’m pleased to provide you an even more recent update. Outkick VIP sign ups are presently up 14,153.8% over sign ups this time last year.

We will soon be in the tens of thousands of subscribers.

If you’re reading this right now and you appreciate a site that doesn’t bow to the far left wing in this country, I’d encourage you to go subscribe right now as well. It’s a great value and we’re having lots of fun every day in the VIP community.

“You also recently said that most people “don’t really care” about the politics of athletes. Why, then have you harped on LeBron James in particular and the NBA as a whole for failing to criticize China? You have also criticized NFL players who protested during the anthem for potentially harming the league’s finances by driving away right-of-center customers. Why then should the NBA take actions or adopt political statements that would harm its bottom line?”

It’s hypocritical to claim you care about social justice issues in this country — when taking that stand loses you no money because of American freedoms — while taking billions of dollars from modern day Nazis in China. Right now China has concentration camps, is banning books in Hong Kong and its people lack basic human rights and freedoms. Yet NBA commissioner Adam Silver just expressed mutual respect for Chinese values.

The NBA is a global corporation, it either embraces democracy and basic human rights for all its fans around the world or it doesn’t.

Right now it doesn’t.

Go read this article which lays out my position on sports and sports media hypocrisy clearly.

“Why are there so many uncredited articles on OutKick?”

There are very few uncredited articles on Outkick.

But in our last fifty or so articles on the site here are those I see attributed to Outkick as opposed to an individual writer: videos posted of my opinions along with a transcript of those opinions, gambling odds, and an article with multiple writers participating in a piece.

Look forward to your hit piece.

But if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed out to the golf course now to try and break 100.