NEJM study on hydroxychloroquine for post-exposure prophylaxis shows no benefit and no harm

American Journal of Epidemiology..."Early Outpatient Treatment of Symptomatic, High-Risk Covid-19 Patients that Should be Ramped-Up Immediately as Key to the Pandemic Crisis"

Lancet study of HCQ treatment in sick, hospitalized patients MORE THAN 10 DAYS after symptom onset. Authors admit data does NOT apply to HCQ treatment in an ambulatory or outpatient setting (MR Mehra, et al)

S. Korea prospective trial in long-term care hospitals on prophylaxis with HCQ was 100% protective in 211 patients...Over 2 months and 30,000 LTCH deaths later, the US struggles to publish its 1st HCQ prophylaxis study (SH Lee, et al)

EARLY treatment with HCQ (mean time 5.6 days from symptom onset) decreases both hospital stay and time to viral clearance compared to lopinavir-ritonavir (MS Kim, et al)

ZINC shown to amplify efficacy of HCQ + AZ treatment regimen in hospitalized  patients ( J Rahimian, et al)

No surprise...BMJ study finds HCQ ineffective once patients are already in cytokine storm (M Mahévas, et al)

Hydroxychloroquine increases survival in EARLY treatment of COVID-19 (FJ Membrillo, et al)

HCQ + AZ reduces transfer to ICU and death compared to standard therapy...p=0.002 (B Davido, et al)

Early treatment of COVID-19 with HCQ and AZ results in 98.7% cure rate in study of 1061 cases in France (D Raoult, et al)

NY study FAILS to evaluate EARLY treatment with HCQ, and becomes just another study looking at treatment after cytokine storm (ES Rosenberg et al)

American Health Association:  "In the largest reported cohort of COVID-19 patients to date treated with chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine {plus minus} azithromycin, no instances of TdP or arrhythmogenic death were reported. " (M Saleh, et al)

Widespread antibody testing shows 5% of Spaniards have contracted coronavirus (Ministry of Health, Spain)

Remdesivir WITHOUT clinical benefit in randomized placebo-controlled trial (Y Wang, et al)

Prospective study at  Prevent Senior Institute in São Paulo, Brazil shows EARLY outpatient treatment with HCQ + AZ results in DECREASED need for hospitalization (RB Esper, et al)

Todaro MD, Krug, Praver MD and Zelenko MD propose strategy to reopen America with hydroxychloroquine and age-based self-quarantining (JM Todaro, et al)

Pharmacokinetics study proposes new HCQ dosage for faster time to therapeutic levels (S Perinel, et al)

RCT of HCQ vs standard therapy resulted in significantly shorter time to temperature recovery and cough remission (Z Chen, et al)

VA study shows treatment of LATE STAGE COVID-19 with HCQ + AZ is not effective (J Magagnoli, et al)

Didier Raoult publishes landmark study showing all COVID-19 patients treated with HCQ + AZ virologically cured in 6 days (P Gautret, et al)

CENSORED BY GOOGLE  The original google doc on "An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus" by Todaro and Rigano (since taken down by Google in March 2020)

Archived studies and reports on HCQ/AZ/Zinc in treatment of COVID-19 and antibody prevalence studies can be found in the following Google Doc curated by JM Todaro, MD .


Professor Dr. Karol Sikora speaks about COVID-19 antibody tests, immunity in the young and possibility that the virus may be burning out naturally

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James Todaro, MD received his medical degree from Columbia University, Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons in NY, and completed his surgical training with four additional years of residency in ophthalmology.

A long-time advocate of free speech, Dr. Todaro has doggedly pursued the dissemination  of vital medical knowledge and evidence during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite censorship by social media platforms and ad hominem attacks by mainstream media outlets.

On March 13, 2020, Dr. Todaro and Gregory Rigano, Esq published the first widely disseminated  paper proposing chloroquine  and hydroxychloroquine in treatment of COVID-19 . The publication  was later taken down by Google despite triggering widespread use and ongoing clinical investigation of the drug's effectiveness in over 100 clinical trials.