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Stéphane Bancel (born 1972/1973) is a French businessman and the CEO and 9% owner of Moderna, an American biotechnology company.

Early life Edit

Bancel was born in France and earned his master's degrees in engineering from École Centrale Paris, and the University of Minnesota.[1] He went on to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School.[2]

Career Edit

Bancel was a sales director at Eli Lilly and Company, eventually becoming head of operations for Belgium.[2] In 2007, he became CEO of French diagnostics company BioMérieux.[2]

In 2016 Bancel joined Moderna, becoming CEO. Stat news, reported that Bancel led a highly secretive culture with little outside review of its science or research.[2]

Personal life Edit

In April 2020, with the Moderna share price rising on news of imminent phase 2 human trials for its potential COVID-19 vaccine, Bancel's stake of about 9% became worth over $1 billion.[1]

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