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Linda Qiu is a fact-check reporter for The New York Times, based in Washington. She came to The Times in 2017 from PolitiFact, a fact-checking service of the Tampa Bay Times. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago.


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  1. Fact Check

    Barr Repeats Trump Falsehoods in Congressional Testimony

    The attorney general echoed many of the president’s inaccurate claims on nationwide protests, police shootings and the coronavirus.

    By Linda Qiu

  2. Barr Testimony: Highlights of Combative Hearing on Protests, Stone Case and More

    The attorney general forcefully asserted that federal agents were sent to cities to fight violence at protests and elsewhere.

    By Nicholas Fandos, Charlie Savage, Sharon LaFraniere and Linda Qiu

  3. Fact Check

    Trump Tailors Exaggerations and False Claims to Election Battlegrounds

    From lobsters in Maine to ethanol in Iowa to the oil fields of Texas, the president has tried to bolster his case for re-election by promoting localized — and factually challenged — accomplishments.

    By Linda Qiu

  4. Fact Check

    Trump’s Falsehoods on Police Shootings, Biden, Coronavirus and China

    Speaking in the Rose Garden and in an earlier television interview, the president made incorrect, misleading and exaggerated statements on a wide variety of topics.

    By Linda Qiu

  5. Fact Check

    Fact-Checking Biden on the Coronavirus and His Own Record

    The presumptive Democratic nominee has assailed President Trump’s pandemic response and sought to shore up his left flank.

    By Linda Qiu

  6. Fact Check

    As Cases Surge, Pence Misleads on Coronavirus Pandemic

    The vice president falsely claimed that increased testing “is generating” more cases, among other exaggerations and inaccurate claims.

    By Linda Qiu

  7. Trump’s False Attacks on Voting by Mail Stir Broad Concern

    The president’s assertions about widespread fraud have little or no basis in fact but are resonating with his supporters and give him the option of raising doubts about the legitimacy of the outcome.

    By Maggie Haberman, Nick Corasaniti and Linda Qiu

  8. Fact-Checking Trump’s Tulsa Rally: Covid-19, Protesters and Biden

    In his first rally in months, President Trump made multiple statements that were false, misleading or lacked evidence.

    By Linda Qiu and Reid J. Epstein

  9. Fact Check

    Trump Falsely Claims Obama ‘Never Even Tried’ to Address Police Misconduct

    The president has reversed or limited efforts at reform that his predecessor enacted.

    By Linda Qiu

  10. Fact Check

    Trump Made Inaccurate Claims About the Military During His West Point Speech

    The president made misleading claims about his military budgets, the fight against the Islamic State and wars in the Middle East.

    By Linda Qiu


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