Demands for Change — BLM & H St. Cooperative

  1. REFORM THE POLICE! Expand funding for social services.

    • Get cops out of schools.

    • Expand funding for the following services: healthcare, quality education, mental healthcare, housing, food assistance, etc.

  2. Establish Juneteenth and Voting Tuesday as federal holidays.

  3. Independent investigations — Police misconduct ought to be investigated by an independent board consisting of defense attorneys, investigators, etc. due to bias within these connected departments.

  4. The establishment of some sort of Reparations Administration

    • This will be a federal administration that will:

    • Help trace genealogy through public records (i.e. records of sale);

    • examine systemic racism and propose solutions to these issues in an annual report to Congress;

    • create a national registry that collects information on disparities in sentencing between POC and non POC and hold judges accountable for their convictions; and

    • oversee that departments that are found to be noncompliant with repairing the system lose funding.

  5. List the KKK, Boogaloo Boys, and other hate groups as terrorist organizations.

  6. A NATIONAL ban on chokeholds by police.

  7. A NATIONAL ban on no-knock warrants.

  8. A NATIONAL requirement that all police use body cameras and make it unlawful to turn them off while working.

  9. Justice System Reform:

    • Remove corporations from prisons.

    • The end of solitary confinement, as it is cruel & unusual punishment.

    • More mental health & social services offered in the prisons.

    • More programming in the prisons such as education, trade, etc.

  10. A national ban on criminal history questions during the initial phase of the job application process.

    • If a person is denied employment due to their criminal history, the crime must somehow be related to the position. There is no reason on job applications that companies ask if a person has ever committed a crime unless it is in relation to the position – in and of itself this is a discriminatory question.

  11. Establish a national standard test for mental fitness for all peacekeeper (police officer) departments that will evaluate each potential officers’ bias tendencies.

  12. Create coalitions between peacekeepers and citizens.

  13. The end of predatory probationary practices (i.e. drug tests and other measures that target people of color).

  14. Federal mandate in favor of restoring voting rights to convicts that have served their time.

  15. Require that high schools offer in-school voter registration for eligible students.

  16. The end of lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. Limit terms to 20 years.

  17. The end of qualified immunity; a citizen should be able to sue an officer for violating their rights without having to cite another legal case that ruled in their favor.

  18. More money set aside to provide black people more opportunities and access to education, grants, and scholarships.

  19. Advocate for the US government to self-report in its global Human Rights Report and include a section on racial justice.

  20. Preserve and sustain Net Neutrality and stop renewing the Patriot Act.

*** In addition to the changes proposed above for national change, we demand that Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department stop using chemical irritants on peaceful protestors in addition to a call for the end of illegal searches and seizures of property of these same protestors.