A strong democracy is the foundation for progress on every issue that we care about.

Quadrivium is working to restore the health of our US democracy at a time of increasing polarization and dysfunction within the system. Through our strategic investment in Unite America Institute, we are helping to build capacity and strengthen coordination within the democracy reform movement, so that it can be more effective and achieve the required scale. Read more about this work here.

Among our areas of engagement, we focus on achieving structural reforms, increasing voter participation and aligning incentives for leadership. Here are just some the groups we are supporting through the Foundation:

Working with Represent US and others, we support efforts to achieve bipartisan redistricting committees and automatic voter registration; we are advancing Ranked Choice Voting as an electoral reform in which the candidate supported by the majority wins.

By turning the internet into an onramp for voting, Democracy Works is on course to reach its national goal of achieving 80% voter turnout; while Vote.org is working to make voting a lifelong habit among the youngest in our electorate. We also support the work of Voting Rights Lab to expand voter participation and prevent voter suppression.

In addition, we are focused on developing the pipeline of leaders who put country over party – from recruitment and training through to legislating. Millennial Action Project brings together bipartisan caucuses in US Congress and state legislatures to forge common ground on key issues facing America’s next generation -- including democracy reform.