—START—Occupy Wall Street to Occupy White House | by Cheryl Ann | Aug, 2020 | Medium

In a planned fifty-day standoff, an activist group will occupy the White House from September 17, the ninth anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, to November 3, day of the Presidential elections.

The group insists it was behind the Occupy Wall Street sit-in now they have concocted a new plan under the banner hashtag White House Siege: saying in their own words ‘we will lay siege on the President’s home in Washington’.

Adbusters is an online magazine and global network catering to the usual collection of artists, activists, writers, students and the like.

Branded as a social activist movement for the information age, a recent post called Tactical Briefing #1 sets out the schedule.

The raison d’être is to trigger another groundswell grassroots movement funded and directed from the top down.

Basically a case of Wall Street vs Wall Street playing out in the Occupy movements.

The group bemoans the fact not one Wall Street CEO has spent a night in jail for the 2008 financial meltdown, while politicians and corporate criminals continue to savage the public trust with impunity as inequalities continue throughout society.

They ratchet it up to the next level saying ”all the while, “this howling void of a president, his sins too many to name, sits smugly atop a corona death toll that may surpass two-hundred thousand Americans by Christmas.”

Apparently, they expect tens of thousands of fellow citizens to stream into Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. on the 17th.

They encouraging supporters to dig in and hold their ground as the atmosphere builds up to fever pitch hoping this event will eclipse that of the first occupy movement.

Adbusters draws inspiration from social movements like Me Too, BLM and Extinction Rebellion but most of all from the heat in the run-up to the much-anticipated 2020 elections, the most polarizing in the country’s history to date.