—START—United In Black: The 2020 HEAT Playoffs | Miami Heat

Your 2020 NBA playoffs are here. 

As part of our ongoing initiative to fight for social justice and take the next step in our  pledge supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, our new playoff campaign will be United in Black: The 2020 HEAT Playoffs. As the postseason begins August 17, and the nation grapples with uncomfortable and overdue change, we decided to repurpose our playoff push and reignite a focus on maintaining the momentum of social justice.

Since 2004, we've used a team color as a unifying symbol among fans. HEAT Nation has been encouraged to wear the color on playoff game days in what has become arguably the most popular fan tradition in sports. And as the team takes the court for the 2020 Playoffs, championship aspirations remain, but the unifying symbol of a fan base behind color takes on added importance.

“We are incredibly excited to be back in the playoff mix and we can’t wait to share this experience with our fans. But in the wake of this summer of unrest amid vivid examples of social injustice and racial inequality, we recognized an opportunity to use the platform of the NBA Playoffs to continue, and extend, the conversation,” said Eric Woolworth, President of The HEAT Group’s Business Operations. “When our team hits the bright lights and the big stage that is the NBA Playoffs, it’ll play with two purposes: the main thing and the right thing.

“We are united in our quest to achieve both goals.”

As part of the campaign, HEAT players will wear United in Black shooting shirts during warm-ups and throughout the game. These shooting shirts will be available for purchase. Proceeds from the sale of the shirt, along with others in the Black Lives Matter clothing collection released July 30, will benefit Black Girls Code, Health in the Hood and the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. Fans are encouraged to purchase the shirts online at TheMiamiHEATStore.com . Additionally, the team will wear their Icon Edition Miami Black uniforms as both the home and road team as much as possible throughout the playoffs. And while the team competes in Orlando, a Black Lives Matter banner will adorn the iconic face of AmericanAirlines Arena.

For more information on United in Black, check out  HEAT.com/BlackLivesMatter . For information on the upcoming 2020 NBA Playoff schedule, stay locked in to  HEAT.com .