Education officer urging Highland pupils to wear more clothes in class to combat coronavirus | Press and Journal

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Highland pupils are being encouraged to wear extra clothes in class as part of efforts to combat Covid-19.

The advice comes from Nicky Grant, Highland Council’s interim executive chief officer for education and learning, in a letter to parents.

She said as the risk of transmission of the virus is greater indoors than outdoors, the Scottish Government currently advises settings should ensure adequate levels of ventilation and that re-circulatory systems should be adjusted to full fresh air.

In her letter, Ms Grant said: “Therefore, to reduce the risk indoors, our schools are currently operating with windows open to allow as much fresh air into classrooms as possible. This is to ensure our school spaces are as safe as possible for our pupils and staff.

Nicky Grant

“As there is a need to prioritise infection control over thermal comfort, we are encouraging children to wear an additional fleece or a jacket in the classroom if they wish to do so.

“We have relaxed dress codes in our schools as we try to make the learning environment as comfortable as possible while reducing the risk of infection in the school setting.”

She added: “We will continue to work hard across the school estate to improve heating output at all our schools, but we realise this may not provide the expected levels of comfort.”

She said it is hoped the government will provide further guidance prior to the arrival of winter.