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Holy shit you guys, I'm sorry it has taken so long but I came across info I needed to verify, and I think I can now. I don't have anything written out, but I have all the info collected. But I need to tell y'all right now, because this is huge.

Black Lives Matter was not founded originally by Alicia Garza, Opal Tometti, and Patrisse Cullors. They became the faces of the movement and they retroactively created that story around them, but the movement itself IS a Communist movement.

This is corroborated by this article in the LA Times where MAH says he coined the phrase and it was later popularized by the three BLM "founders".

The exception to this is the story of Deray Mckesson, who is a rather famous activist who was a huge voice in the Ferguson era of BLM. He specifically does not mention Alicia, Patrisse, or Opal and instead credits the original tweet as the inspiration behind his version of BLM.

Here's an archive of Deray's Twitter from back in the day at the end of April 2015.…

His current Twitter is very different, but I looked at the URL on his archived Twitter and was curious, so I searched for it.

has a planning team of three: Deray, Sam Swey, and Elzie.

WeTheProtesters has its own set of demands and campaigns. Most notable are Campaign Zero, the Activist Toolkit, the demands, and 'Stay Woke'.

Campaign Zero is under the We The Protesters umbrella, and has its own set of ten goals, similar to the Sustainable Development Goals made by the United Nations.

One of the listed tools was a Resistance Manual, so I clicked to see what it was. And it's a wiki made on Wikimedia Commons that no longer pulls up. But... I found the archive on


There's a huge list of different initiatives and groups that collaborate all together. I haven't had really any time to go through any of this yet, as all of this was discovered today, but it's a huge lead. But... I did look at a couple of links that I recognized, and...

The first was the Action Alliance, which is also again a huge list of archived activist groups I'm going to look through shortly.…

But there are a few names on this list you're going to see again here very soon, so I'll point them out:

The Resistance Manual,


, RISE, Data for Democracy, and the Dream Corps.…

But back to the Resistance Manual and the subcategory Policing, followed by the Troublemaker's Guide. Principles for racial justice activists, hm?

This is done by the Catalyst Project. The second page of the manual, there's a nice long thank you note to all of the people involved. Named I recognized, big time.…

But first real quick, let's look at the board of advisors for the Catalyst Project. At the top is Nisha Anand.

"She focuses on anti-racist organizing..."

Remember when I told you anti-racist = Antifa?

If you forgot.. it does.…

Nisha was Director of Development at the Ruckus Society, did a few things in between of little consequence, then was Chief of Staff to Van Jones. Van Jones was the Special Advisor for Green Jobs to Barack Obama in 2009.

Here's Van gaslighting the hell out of the audience on CNN about Antifa vs. right wing agitators.

Same CNN that gave us this gem.

And this one.

And then had Cuomo and Lemon freaking out about polls like a couple of dorks.

But anyways yeah, THAT Van also works for CNN from time to time, worked for Barack Obama, and Nisha Anand worked for him for a while.

THEN the both worked on the Dream Corps together.

The Ruckus Society, which Nisha also worked at, was a big part of the WTO riots in 99, heavily involved with BLM in Ferguson, the noDAPL fiasco, and more. Funding comes from Tides, Ted Turner, etc.

To be continued... :) Hold please.…

Back in 2017, the Dream Corps, Van Jones, and Nisha... along with NFL Players Coalition pushed for more radical activism in the NFL. This led to a lot of boycotts and angry fans and Collin Kaepernick's head getting wayyyy too big.

It's worth mentioning that a significant amount of money from George Soros is also funnelled into the Dream Project.…

Another name mentioned at the beginning of the Catalyst Troublemaker's Guide is Rachel Herzing. Rachel is a co-founder of Critical Resistance, which is a grassroots group trying to end the prison complex altogether. I mean... altogether.…

As it stands, Rachel is very involved with the Open Society Foundation, writing many op-eds for the OSF as well as being a Soros Justice Fellow back in 2015.…

I actually wrote about her in my "The Democrats Are Morons and George Soros Is Too" thread, which you can find here.…

Chiara de Blasio was arrested on May 31, 2020 for blocking traffic and was arrested after refusing to move.

The next day, Bill de Blasio gave a speech and said anarchist agitators had co-opted the protests.

“It is a small number of people. It is well organized."

You also had Hope Walz, daughter of Tim Walz (Minnesota's governor) gave rioters inside information about military activity, and Isra Hirsi, Ilhan Omar's daughter, sought suppliers for her rioting comrades in Minneapolis.

You also have Keith Ellison, current Attorney General of Minnesota, taking selfies while holding up the Anti-Fascist Handbook saying it would "strike fear into the heart of



5/31/20 Jeremiah Ellison:

I also mention the article, "Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police" by Mariame Kaba. Also a Soros Justice Fellow.…

The case to abolish the police is made over and over again based on a single book by Alex Vitale called "The End of Policing."

Vitale produces no context to his numbers, nor any sources for his statistics.

Vitale also repeats the claim that police haven’t had any success in curbing drug addiction in the U.S. He does not address the fact that in many cases, courts do not prosecute drug cases or mandate any type of treatment.

He also repeatedly mentions Larry Krasner and Chesa Boudin, who are both Soros district attorneys that are completely bought and paid for. But more on them in just a little bit.…

The Black Panther Party was founded by Huey P.Newton and Bobby Seale on October 15, 1966 and was one of the most controversial groups of the 60's. Newton and Seale were Marxists.

Back to Rachel Herzing and Critical Resistance...

CR was founded by Angela Davis, Rose Braz, and Ruth Wilson Gilmore.

Davis is a well-known Marxist.

She is active in the Occupy movements as well as won the Lenin Peace Prize. On March 5, 2020, Time Magazine named her 1971's Woman of the year.…

Other Critical Resistance co-founder Ruth Wilson Gilmore is just about what you'd expect.…

They use a slogan which is actually a quote of Assata Shakur, "A wall is just a wall and nothing more at all. It can be broken down"

Assata being a notable member of the Black Power movement and the Black Liberation Army.

She was later found guilty of murder.

She was sentenced to life in prison, but escaped in 1979. She has been living in Cuba ever since.

Now here's where this gets interesting. Black Lives Matter is said to have really taken off during the Trayvon Martin verdict, right? And it all started with Alicia Garza's Facebook post. Or so they say. But the first mentions of


on Twitter are from this group.

I'm looking at the 3rd one, from FightSoulCities.

And for the record, Opal is the first of the trio to tweet BLM and doesn't do so until the 15th.

Fight for the Soul of Cities is a group based out of San Francisco "powered by the labor/community strategy center".

One of their platforms is to BAN CARS from LA.

Funnily enough, Gavin Newsom just passed legislation saying that California would ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035.

FFSC called themselves a group with "An international vision for urban organizing whose frontline frame is: The Social Welfare State Not the Police State, the Environmental Justice State not the Warfare State."

They are a part of a group of organizations under The Strategy Center. The Strategy Center is currently trying to ban police officers from being on city busses. They call it transit racism.

"Eric Mann was born 12/4/42 in Brooklyn NY into a Jewish home rooted in “anti-fascist, working class, pro-union, pro-‘Negro’, internationalist, & socialist traditions.” Both sides of his family were Jews who fled the Russian Empire during anti-Semitic pogroms of the early 1900s."

He was also a delegate to the UN during the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Eric Mann was also Patrisse Cullor's mentor for a decade while at the Labor Community Strategy Center.

So when she says here that she is a trained Marxist. Eric Mann is the one who trained her.

In an article written in 1969 for the Harvard Crimson, an interaction with Mann's group is described:

"Several slogans-including "Pig," "Fuck U.S. Imperialism," and "Imperialists Screw All Women" -were sprayed on walls of the building. -

-Rocks thrown by the band as they left broke several windows. One telephone was ripped out to prevent a student from notifying police."…

Sound familiar? Not much has changed to be honest...

Even more worrisome, in 2010, Patrisse was part of a forum in Detroit where they discuss transformative organizing.…

"I have conversations with organizers who have these very progressive left politics independently. But then when they go in and do their organizing, they all of a sudden have this justification as to why they can't talk about socialism or ending the war or environmental justice."

"As we try and transform the structures and systems around people--through all the very good fights that we're doing--the assumption is that if you change the conditions around people, then that's going to allow people to change and to begin to lead good lives.-

"-But we're not immune from the toxicity of capitalism. It is a gamble to believe that simply changing the conditions around any of us is going to remove the toxicity of oppression from inside us."

"Transformative organizing is a powerful framework to ground and guide our work."

"Transformative organizing transforms the system itself and is in revolutionary opposition to the power structures of colonialism, patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism in its current form, which is imperialism."

This was in 2010, mind you.

"Transformative organizing transforms the consciousness of people who participate in the process of building organizations, struggles, and movements."

"Transformative organizing transforms organizers as they stand up to the Right, reach out to the people, & take on the system."

There are 7 Components:


Transformative organizing seeks radical social change through the strategy of building an international united front to challenge the U.S. Empire.


The transformative organizer is a conscious agent of change, a revolutionary educator with a plan to intervene in and make history.


Transformative organizing requires the leadership of society’s most exploited, oppressed, and strategically placed classes and races.


Transformative organizing is produced by transformative organizations.


Transformative organizing becomes truly transformative in the course of battle.


Transformative organizing transforms the organizers.


Transformative organizing requires a transformative political program.

On August 14, 2017, Patrisse Cullors stated that they were fighting for equality. And that hate speech isn't protected by the first amendment.

It is also worth noting that the Black Panthers used to hand out Mao's Red Book and made it required reading for their group.

And here's a 1998 interview with PBS with Angela Davis about the Black Panthers and Capitalism, etc.…

When asked in 2018, what skills were needed to build a movement, Patrisse said: " I went through a year-long organising programme" led by the LCSC. We read anything from "Marx, to Lenin, to Mao."…

At the DNC this year Patrisse said, "Without the sea changes our movement recommended for the 2020 Dem platform, any claims to allyship and solidarity with our work to fight for Black liberation are for naught" in efforts to push the BREATHE Act.…


So yeah. Also, Patrisse's boss and mentor Eric knows another familiar face very well. Bill Ayers, the co-founder of Weather Underground, who once included Sirhan Sirhan in his book dedication. S.S. was the man who assassinated RFK.

Ayers in 1970 was said to have summed up the Weatherman philosophy as: ''Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents, that's where it's really at.''

He gave that interview on 9/11/2001 btw.…

Ayers is married to also-crazy radical Barnardine Dohrn. They took legal guardianship of Chesa Boudin, whose parents were imprisoned after the 1981 Brinks robbery.

Boudin was elected district attorney for San Francisco and was sworn in on January 8, 2020.

On January 10, he fired six prosecutors.
On January 14, Boudin announced the first implementation of a primary caregiver diversion program authorized by SB394.

On January 22, he eliminated cash bail.

And it goes on and on....

CAC funneled money through ACORN, a now defunct charity organization that was caught in a Project Veritas sting about a decade ago.

In another article in The Hill, Stanley Kurtz says he went through CAC records and found out that Obama and Ayers were partners.

"Barack Obama's first run for the Illinois state Senate was launched at a famous fundraiser and kickoff for the campaign at a 1995 gathering at the house of Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, says Kurtz."…

In July of this year, Illinois speaker Michael Madigan was subpoenaed in efforts "seeking records on a former ComEd lobbyist and his consulting work for a tiny southwestern suburb."

Madigan is connected to Obama, Ayers, and Andrew Weissmann.…

That's about all I've got for this thread! I have a few more things of note that I couldn't tie together, so I'm just going to put them here at the end.


In the first days of the Ferguson protests, I noticed a URL at the bottom of a banner.

It's a revolutionist Communist website.

Notice Ordower worked for ACORN back in the day. Wonder if he knows Ayers and Barack?

Also, looks like he's travelling again if he went to VA to protest at Chad Wolf's house.

Alicia Garza retweeted Millenial Activists United about getting paid. MAU also wrote on their Tumblr about getting paid. Very very detailed.…

This is from Charles Wade, who was later busted for sex trafficking.

A disgruntled activist posted the payout list after they didn't get any money.

Back when they were too stupid not to advertise this in the open.

Ordower getting grilled for money. 3.

Every time a kid dies and it's politicized, they try to go to the UN over it. Same with GF, even though he wasn't a kid.… 4.

The origin story for BLM is different everywhere you read it.

Here, Alicia came up with it after the verdict in summer 2013.…

Here it's just following the killing but it didn't get popular until Ferguson.…

Here they take credit for it, even though they weren't first.…

And here they say it happened in early 2012.

I honestly feel like it's a made up story they just go with and the details don't seem to matter. But it is super inconsistent. :P…


THE END for now. :)

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there's enough here to rant about for a looooong time.

Thank you! Keep it coming if you've got any good details. Team effort!

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