VIDEO-Biden's Bizarre Rant: 'I Learned How to Fight - They Called Me 'Shoe Leather' - They Could Beat Me Up But I Hurt Them in the Process' (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was back to his blundering self Monday night during a NBC News town hall.

Biden falsely claimed “18,000 people got clemency” while he was Vice President.

Actually, 18,000 were *denied* clemency while he was Vice President.

Joe Biden spoke gibberish and stumbled over his words all night.

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At one point, Biden claimed his nickname growing up was “shoe leather” because he was a tough fighter.

Watch out, Corn Pop!

“And I learned out to fight. I got a nickname. They called me ‘shoe leather’ – I was little but they could beat me up, but I hurt them in the process,” said Biden


Joe Biden is back to his blundering self on the campaign trail. || via @RaymondArroyo #IngrahamAngle

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) October 6, 2020