Radius wristband (physical distancing) | Videotron Business

Two solutions that are compatible with your reality

The Radius solution enables you to ensure the safety of your employees as well as that of your customers.

Radius Wristband : This solution includes only the wristbands. By equipping your employees or your customers with wristbands as soon as they arrive, you will ensure that they are notified if they are located too close from another customer or employee. You will thereby be providing a safer environment for everyone. However, you will not have access to the management portal.

The unit price is at $100 per wristband.

Radius Pro : This solution includes the wristbands, the gateways, and access to the management portal. If one of your employees tests positive for COVID-19, this solution will allow you to determine their prior interactions and intervene in a preventive manner, in addition to triggering proximity alerts.

The unit price is at $100 per wristband and the monthly fees are at $10 per wristband per month.