FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai Releases a Statement Following Facebook and Twitter Censorship… | The Last Refuge

private conpany.

but they are regulated.

the issue.. one that needs a revisit…

are you

a tech company?
a publisher?
receiver of any public funding?

generally speaking… GOVT cannot inhibit free speech or censor (as a constitutional matter)

twit and bookface are privately held companies…these restrictions do not apply… generally speaking.

but see above questions..

there is definitely a credible argument that xan be made across several lines of legal reasoning that these particular companies given their scale.. content driven virtually exclusive by real people who ARE NOT employees or federal officials… AND the obvious practice of partisan sekection bias in the censorship behavior…

that there is space for invitation to legal challenge.

but listen up folks ..be very careful what you ask for.. and more wary of how this will actually play out

definitely an issue that could go horribly wrong.

just ask asange to understand the subjective manipulative methods for deciding journalism and publisher versus crook and villain

similarly..we must be on guard this issue doesn’t create some “test” about whar makes acceptable political speech..what or who can qualify to be protected…

I would urge…slow it down…its too important to ger wrong ..

we can do other things thar give FCC ammo for some short term options.

main thing? make sure complaints are officially filed recorded and your state reps know about it.

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