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ldanwill [M] 85 points 44 minutes ago + 85 / - 0 stickied

This is the only copy available now via Chuck Ross's twitter here. If you can find the complete version, please drop a link in the comments.

He must have taken "Stern Letter" writing classes from Lindsey Graham.

The Senate Stern School of Mumbo Jumbo, Serving Word Salad

So sick of these bullshit letters y’all better go out there and vote straight RED even if you hate the candidate just to show these people who is boss so Trump can finally go scorched earth.

krog 1 point 7 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

Yeah, we are.

Yea, was the envelope embossed?

Exactly. 🙄 We’ll see, but yeah..

deleted 1 point 33 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

it sucks that on the legal side 'angry letters' are all that will happen

but at least the GOP senators and representatives are talking about it. i was expecting them to bend over and ask for it in the ass like during most of 2017 when the house republicans under paul ryan and nunes completely abandoned the POTUS on 'muh russia' and actually believed hillary clinton/obama/comey and company. like rush limbaugh said the GOP members of congress actually thought (and hoped) that the POTUS would resign by the end of 2017 over 'muh russia'. it was only in early 2018 when the GOP congressmembers finally defended the POTUS but by that time the stormy daniels/karen mcdougal crap took over the news cycle for like 5 months and even then the GOP congress went back to being silent on stormy and other allegations and were hoping the POTUS would resign over stormy daniels like the deep state cucks they all are.

droden 4 points 28 minutes ago + 4 / - 0

well congress makes laws it doesnt enforce them...

Exactly. This ball is in Trump's court. The letter provides cover for Trump to enforce his power as president to tear the agency a new asshole.

While I think he would do good, I kinda like having him operating behind the curtains, shanking motherfuckers and making off with the juicy briefcases.

President Trump has been trying to get information out there like any transparent government should. Unfortunately, the Swamp Rats and Deep State shadow government run by Obama and China (in my opinion) have obstructed every step of the way.

Arrest him. Firings are for the incompetent. Arrests are for the criminally negligent and the complicit.

Like someone else said, there is justice and there is “just us” the alphabet agencies are around to protect their own. Not serve justice.

Yucky 9 points 30 minutes ago + 9 / - 0

After the election, Trump needs to fire him, and all of the people immediately below him, and replace him with someone who will actually be transparent with congress. Appoint a special team that is tied in tightly with the Whitehouse. Two or three times a week, they should meet and brief Trump on which declassification or information requests are pending from Congress. Trump will give official direction on what to release/declassify. Not tweets, not sternly worded letters, but official direction written by Whitehouse lawyers. All in writing, so nobody has any excuse to delay or deny the information. Anyone caught doing so gets arrested for insubordination.

This is how you do it. Keep a very tight leash on these people and absolutely crush them if they step even a tiny bit out of line.

I honestly think the institutional name may be unsalvageable at this point. No point in keeping three-letter organizations without legislative charters that are increasingly an embarrassment to the nation.

Yeah, they are going to need a rebranding at this point, the untouchables maybe? In reality they probably need to fire all the excutives, then beef up an internal affairs department that doesn't report to anyone internal to the organization.

BigHonk 47 points 45 minutes ago + 47 / - 0

I'm sure Cucktopher Wray will get right on that

He’s running cover right now.

FBI is so fucked over this I don't think y'all understand yet

They are caught acting blatantly partisan in order to stop Biden from losing so he can get in office and crush the investigation into the previous times the fbi acted blatantly partisan. If Biden loses it's all over for them

if it turns out they did nothing with this info, which is very likely, that basically amounts to aiding and abetting treason, sedition, possibly pedophilia, not to mention yet again trying to influence an election. In a much more clear cut way than russiagate.

To me, the fact that the FBI preemptively pushed the "Giuliani is being fed Russian misinformation" back in January but refuse to disclose any of the material involved and have ignored requests for information on the laptop indicate that they may have blatantly tried to cover it up.

They know what Hunter did but they won’t tell any of us. I’ve been refreshing all morning and nothing. I trust GEOTUS has something up his sleeve, though.

Congress was investigating Burisma corruption and asked the FBI "do you have any information relating to this?" According to this letter the FBI said no, knowing in reality they had possession of the laptop (for around 7 months at that point) and a treasure trove of documentation about Burisma corruption which was subject to Congressional oversight.

I’ll wait with bated breath like the last four years.

Charlie 5 points 30 minutes ago + 5 / - 0

everyone that saw this laptop and the evidence and dindonuffin about it can and should be charged with minimum failure of duty or malfeasance, convicted and jailed.

For (some reason) I've been trying to catch up with Bannon's recent activities today.

I'mma need more popcorn. Holy shit pedes.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

droden 2 points 26 minutes ago + 2 / - 0

over this but not 9/11 or the vegas shooting or any number of fucking events that they had the perps name on or just fucking ignored specific actionable evidence literally given to them?

The fbi did not cause 9/11 or the vegas shooting.

This is the scandal that will be their undoing, the straw that broke the camel's back

droden 1 point 9 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

they had those people on their radar or were directly told they were bad people through multiple channels. their incompetence is world class.

I agree but this scandal transcends incompetence into indefensible malfeasance and active corruption

Your right, I really dont. Because I dont see anyone woth any balls doing anything yet. Ive seen some memo floatimg around but im sick of memos and letters. Start making immediate demands and when those arent met, action. Use the marshals, SS, capital police, idgaf just do something for crying out loud or all of this is justbgoinf to go under the rug again

Ain't a damn thing gonna happen to anyone because of this. If you think otherwise you haven't been around long enough.

Should read, "Dishonerable POS.. Do your job. Bye"

Isn’t it weird how the FBI is always in the middle of an election now? 2016, 2020. Strange as fuck.

Do you have the link to the actual document?

We are reaching levels of stern that I didn't even know were possible.

AND SO IT SHALL BE CALLED..............................


his pager has sternly written notes where batteries should be.

Not unless Lindsey writes them.

The FIB doesn't recall because the Russians or something

Not seeing questions 5b etc.

Won’t matter, the FBM will respond that they don’t comment on matters that may or may not be active

5b. Please disclose what other entities have paid you to bury this information

5c. Please have your desk emptied within the hour.

5d. Trump 2020



P.S. No point bleaching it all, or smashing with hammers......we have copies of EVERYTHING

Any bets or thoughts on who drinks the bleach first?

5e. Save the taxpayers millions of dollars in court costs by executing yourself for treason now.

Wray: Thank you for providing an opportunity to respond. To all your questions, we cannot comment on open investigations.

L-L-L-LETTER DROPS like these motherfuckers are working for USPS

Honestly fuckers, do fucking something already.

russki 7 points 39 minutes ago + 8 / - 1

Oh hell yeah! Just when I think it's all lost, here come a senator with a letter! We are going to bury the swamp under letters, but not just letters, NO!, we are going to send strongly worded letters.

Ok, pedes, with me now:

What do we want?


When do we want them?


Gosh guys, is this what winning feels like?

The FBI looks real bad here.

Doesnt matter. Whos really paying any attention to this besides us. Its being buried hard core and until we see real action and not memos and other bull shit I dont believe anything will happen

Yay more angry worded letters that won't amount to a goddamn thing.

Pats5x 5 points 39 minutes ago + 5 / - 0

FBI, Wray, Billy Bagpipes ...all trying to run out the clock

Not going to work though.

MsQleo 1 point 11 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

Worked so far. They think theyve won

Pixel 5 points 42 minutes ago + 5 / - 0

Drain the swamp!

So we can only assume the FBI purposefully covered this up in an attempt to interfere in the election to help the Democrats and are therefore the enemy of the people right?

Yes. I think this is the 3rd time they’ve been caught

When the FBI openly subverts Congress (on purely partisan grounds no less) it’s time to splinter to a thousand pieces and scatter to the wind.

Biggest threat to our republic is these bloated intel agencies with far too much power.

The “Honorable” Christopher A. Wray

Transparency is the only solution for the FBI corruption problem. They tried to destroy the president and now they want to put a corrupt as president. Obama destroyed the USA ...

Awww I was hoping it was gunna say “Get the fuck outta here!”

Looks like we'll be waiting for Tom Fitton to make FOIA demands after this strongly worded letter gets ignored.

I’m sure the FBI will respond post haste

A lot of letters being written lately!

Fuck letters and fuck the FBI, disband and rebuild with honest patriots!

Inb4 this gets filed in the trash can.

Rudy should post the hard drive in its entirety online for the world to comb through it.

They just gonna ignore the letter

As if the FBI has to answer to any elected officials anymore.

Orange man is destroying our democracy and institutions!

Wray: "Oh Hail great satan, I needed some more toilet paper."

Betting that the FBI destroyed any/all evidence they had, months ago.

They're not going to answer these questions. We all know they are going to come back with "we cannot confirm or deny any open investigations and cannot compromise said investigation if it exists" or something to that affect.

tiamat 1 point 13 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

breakup the fbi and form a successor with some integrity

Ron Johnson has come a long way since his days as a stereo salesman at the mall.

783hz 1 point 19 minutes ago + 1 / - 0


Christopher Wray's response (likely),

I can not confirm that we have a laptop. However, if we did, we would have our preferred vendor CrowdStrike do the examination and, upon their completion of their examination, they would assure us that there is nothing to be concerned with. They would also add that, whatever insinuations that might be made of impropriety are fully due to Russian interference requested by Donald Trump.

^ Probably Wray's response.

Or "Current investigation, can't say anything".

2025: "Investigation closed, nothing found"

hex7bb 1 point 26 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

Don't worry. Lindsey Graham said he'll get to the bottom of it.

deleted 1 point 32 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

Is he legally obligated to answer and respond to this?

deleted 1 point 11 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

Yawn. More letters the FBI will ignore.

It doesn't matter if it came from an adversary if the contents show 0 evidence of it being fake.

Also there are white hats in foreign governments that want to see US government corruption cleaned up because it impacts their government corruption. Adversary or not, the information SHOULD NOT be dismissed or treated as questionable.

If the contents are proven to be fake with actual evidence (not questionable), then it should be dismissed.

I'm sick and tired of their stupidity.

The FBI is in bed with a political party that is on the payroll of a hostile power. Its the largest act of treason in our country's history.

So was Wray sitting on the laptop during the phony impeachment? Not a good look.

Ieggo 1 point 23 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

More strongly worded letters against a spy junta that is staging a year long coup against Trump.

It is news that the Laptop was given to the FBI because of a Grand Jury subpoena.

This is weak sauce. For the love of God will someone put the hammer down on these traitors and stop playing nice.

Chuj 1 point 22 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

Wray should be compelled to answer this within hours. Make some calls to gather facts, then respond. Delay is not permissible!!

I'll take $2400 for "Questions we already know the answer to, Alex"

droden 1 point 28 minutes ago + 1 / - 0

annnd its ignored. FIRE WRAY

BAH GAWD KING Trump killed him...he killed 'im!

The “honorable” Chris Wray. HA!

ive always said wray is much worse then comey both scumbags but wray is worse.



Oh look another sternly worded letter

If you get rid of the FBI, are other law enforcement agencies able to take over the important cases?

If that is the case just dissolve it, it always was a corrupt organisation since Hoover.

The FBI is an insurrectionist organization.

I've already resigned that our system is completely broken. It's like our institutional systems are a nice house that a bunch of meth addicts have turned into a trap house. You may drive by on the street and think it looks like a normal house but when you get up close you realize how screwed up things are, then you go inside and the entire interior has been destroyed.

You can spend years and thousands of dollars trying to repair the inside of the house, but the structural damage was too much, the rot too extensive. The only cost-effective move is to bulldoze the house.

The left is going to scream 'muh fascism' but the reality is that the only way out of this is to effectively lead a revolution from the top down. The first revolution in history to have started to overthrow the system the revolutionaries theoretically control.

Build systems around the rotted ones, and then wipe those old systems out. Nobody walks free. Every agent is given 12 hours to state their case why they aren't traitors. Anyone who makes a valid case is imprisoned for no less than 40 years. Anyone who fails is cast into the flames.

All of these institutions are just hoping to wait out Trump and for everything to go back to normal, for people to leave the trap house and forget how rotted the inside is. We need to cram 50 years of revolution and rebuilding into 4.

aaaaand straight into Wray's office document shredder it goes.

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