TDW Pedes just discovered the AirBNB location of a HUNTER BIDEN photograph adding a new layer of AUTHENTICITY to the story (SEE LINKS INSIDE) - The Donald - America First

EXIF data from the picture of Hunter in a bathtub with his arms crossed includes a longitude and latitude location (34°07'03.6"N 118°21'34.8"W). This location corresponds to an Airbnb in Hollywood Hills, California (7556 Jalmia Way). The Airbnb listing of this house includes pictures of a bathroom with the same wall tile, tub, and wall niche (with bottle of Aveeno, see left side) found in Hunter's picture. The EXIF data also includes an August 27th, 2018 date. This date corresponds to an article by the Washington Examiner detailing a Hollywood Hills Airbnb in which Hunter was staying during the same time. Original photograph: Airbnb: Bathroom: Washington Examiner story: Original TDW post: